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Multilayer stainless steel sheets

Multilayer stainless steel sheets


The basis of multilayer stainless steel sheet is an inexpensive low alloy steel. For coatings use aluminum, nonferrous metals, high alloy stainless steel. Perhaps the production of several layers of carbon steel with different saturation with carbon. With the help of hot rolling of two steel sheets to produce two-layer sheet where the top layer being of higher quality, has a protective function — protects the metal from corrosion. This method allows to save materials — production costs cheaper.

Also produce multi-sheets of three layers, in which the third layer of carbon strip placed between two high-alloy sheets. This three-layer billet is rolled by the hot method. In some cases, three-layer sheets produced in the following way — you take two stainless steel thick plate and place it in the mold. To avoid sintering, they are treated with a pre-oxide of chromium, and between these layers is filled with carbon steel, the edge is sealed, after which the ingot is rolled to the required thickness.

Four-layer billet allows you to obtain twice the double-layer stainless steel. Pre-grind the leaves, and between two sheets of high-alloy steel are placed two sheets of carbon steel, between protective strips. The workpiece to be welded, and rolled. Then the leaves are separated from each other, and then processed at a temperature of about 1250 °C.


Today multilayer sheets are widely used in architecture and construction as a material for a designer finish. These are highly demanded by chemical, food, petrochemical industry. These industries for manufacturing various instruments increasingly used a two-layer, three-layer stainless steel sheets.

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