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Automotive aluminum alloys

Automotive aluminum alloys

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Technical specifications

Aluminum is a paramagnetic metal with a white-silver hue, very light. Density = 2.7 g / cm³. At t ° 658 — 660 ° C (depending on the purity), aluminum melts, Brinnel hardness is within 24−32 kgf / mm². Sv — short-term strength = 10−12 kg / mm2, and in the alloy Sv = 38−42 kg / mm2. High ductility is 50% for pure aluminum and 35% for technical aluminum.

Automotive aluminum alloys. Classification

Depending on the purpose, automobile aluminum alloys are divided into:

  • Foundry
  • deformable

Casting alloys in terms of chemical composition are divided into five groups

  • doped with magnesium (4.6−11.5% Mg); brands: AL8, AL13, AL22, AL23, AL23−1, AL27, AL27−1, AL28 and AL29;
  • Copper-doped (4−14% Cu); brand: AL7, AL7B and AL19;
  • Copper doped with copper (1−8% Cu) and silicon (4−6% Si and grades: AL3, AL3B, AL5, AL6, AL10B, AL14B and AL15B, so-called silumins (contain 6−13% Si);, AL4, AL4B, AL9 and AL9B;
  • other alloys: AL1, AL11, AL16B, AL17B, AL18B, AL20, AL21, A24, AL25, AL26 and ALZO.

The percentage composition of alloy 7075

Al Ti Cu Si Fe Cr Mn Mg Zn Impurities
basis 0.1−0.2 1.2−2 up to 0.4 up to 0.5 0.2 — 0.28 0.2−0.3 2.1−2.9 5 — 6 ≤0.15

Aluminum 7000 series refers to premium alloys. Combines high strength, resistance to stress corrosion cracking and toughness, resistance to fatigue loads. Supplier Avlob offers automotive aluminum alloy at an affordable price. Buy aluminum today. The best price from the supplier.


Car crankcases, cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, pulleys and the like, which do not carry a heavy load.

Delivery, price

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