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Beryllium brand, chemical composition

Beryllium brand, chemical composition


Beryllium is a light and strong metal with atomic number 4, an element of the second period of the periodic system of chem. Elements, where it is denoted by Be. It is used to manufacture parts of space rockets. In powder form it is very toxic, but in the form of large fragments it is relatively harmless. Similar to ordinary ceramics, beryllium oxide conducts electricity and heat poorly, therefore it is used as an electrical insulator.


By chemical properties, Be is more like aluminum than magnesium, which is in the same group with it and has the same valence +2. Metal beryllium at room temperature is not very active, does not oxidize to t ° 600 ° C, does not react with hydrogen in a compact form, water, water vapor even at a temperature of red heat. Powdered beryllium flames when ignited, forming a nitride + oxide. At temperatures above 600 ° C, it reacts with halogens, and at 1200 ° C with ammonia, forms Be 3 N 2 nitride, at 1700 ° C with carbon, forming carbide Be 2 C. Beryllium readily dissolves in inorganic dilute acids. However, concentrated nitric cold acid passivates it. From an aqueous solution of alkalis, he displaces hydrogen, turning into a hydroxide.

Physical qualities of Ve
Atomic (molar) mass g / mol 9,012
Degree of oxidation 2, 1
Density [g / cm 3 ] 1,848
Melting point t ° C 1287 ° C
Heat of fusion kJ / mol 12.21
Thermal conductivity K [W / (m · K)] 201
Heat of evaporation kJ / mol 309


Nuclear power, laser and X-ray technology, mining, alloying, aerospace. This metal is indispensable for the production of guidance systems, as well as thermal screens. Alloys based on it are simultaneously light, resistant to heat and strong. Oxyliquite, based on beryllium, is used in the production of explosives. The bronze alloy of BrB2 grade, containing 2% beryllium, has high elasticity, strength and corrosion resistance. The Be-Cu alloy is very high-tech. It has excellent mechanical properties, chemical resistance, which makes it possible to widely use it in industry and artistic casting.

Bronzes based on beryllium

Manufactured in accordance with GOST 18175−78 and special specifications. For example, a bronze-beryllium hexagon is produced in accordance with GOST 1628−78. The circle is manufactured by rolling, casting, pressing, forging, drawing on the basis of GOST 24301−93. By their mechanical properties, beryllium bronzes exceed tin, do not spark, so they are often used for work in explosive conditions. Of these, rod (GOST 15835−70), wire, sheet, strip, tape (GOST 1789−79) are produced; Plates and cylindrical blanks Br BNT — in accordance with specifications 48−21−92−89; Bars and strips of beryllium alloy with cobalt and copper are of the ICD-0,5−2,5 standard in terms of specifications 48−21−5049−74. Beryllium tapes BrBNT1,9, and BrB2, according to specifications 48−21−265−87.

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