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Tape ХН60ВТ - ЭИ868

Tape ХН60ВТ - ЭИ868

general characteristics

Tape ХН60ВТ — not magnetic, heat-resistant, not afraid of corrosion, designed for work in an aggressive environment at a temperature of 700 — 850 ° C. The rate of oxidation in a calm air atmosphere is 0.03 mm / year at a temperature of 800 ° C. At a temperature of 20 ° C, the tape has a high limit of short-term strength of 500 MPa and a slight elongation at break of 30%. The deposition temperature is 1170 ° C at the beginning, and 850 ° C at the end of the process. The finished tape cools in air.

The tape is rather technological, it can be machined and different methods of welding. Due to the high content of nickel and chromium, the equipment made of such tape has a high corrosion resistance, providing increased reliability of the equipment. The tape ХН60ВТ is durable, reliable and aesthetic, because of what and is in demand in many spheres of the national economy. It is ductile and resistant to an oxidizing atmosphere, to an atmosphere of ammonia and nitrogen. However, its main drawback is that it does not have stability in the atmosphere of sulfur compounds. The tape has a high cost, because of the high cost of the main component — nickel.

Chemical composition ХН60ВТ (in percents).
Ni Cr Fe W Ti Mn Si Al Ca FROM S P
To 63.2 Up to 26,5 Up to 4 13−16 0.3−0.7 Up to 0,5 Up to 0,8 Up to 0,5 Up to 0.05 Up to 0,1 0.013 0.013

The chemical composition of the alloy is regulated by GOST 5632−72. This alloy is smelted in open electric furnaces, which provides a minimum content of unnecessary impurities.

Basic properties

The tape has a coefficient of linear expansion equal to 13.7 (1 / degree K). The density of the alloy from which it is produced is 8.16 g / cm³. The tape has a coefficient of thermal conductivity in the range 15.9 — 23.4 W / (m • degree K). This steel, thanks to its chemical composition has a high weldability, which allows you to produce a variety of designs without the use of technological special equipment, and without additional heat treatment at the end of welding.


With increased requirements for structures, the strip is hardened at t 1000 1000 — 1100 º C, followed by cooling in water or air. Such heat treatment promotes the normalization of internal stresses in the alloy and increases the strength characteristics of the parts.

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