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Zirconium brand

Zirconium brand

General characteristics

Zirconium is a steel-gray colored metal with a yellowish tinge. It is produced by the melting zirconium waste and ore concentrate. It is different malleability and ductility nearly identical to gold. It is corrosion resistant, heat resistant, paramagnetic metal. It is resistant to seawater, alkalis, ammonia, acids, retards radiation, does not lose its properties or in the conditions of cryogenic, or high temperatures. Zirconium is usually used in alloy with other metals, which gives it its extraordinary quality and improves manufacturability.

Physical qualities Zr
Atomic (molar) mass, g/mol 91,224
The degree of oxidation 4, 3, 2, 1, 0
Density [g/cm3] 6,5
The melting temperature t°C 1855°C
The heat of fusion kJ/mol 19,2
The thermal conductivity K [W/(m·K)] 22,7
Heat of evaporation kJ/mol 567
Chemical composition of zirconium alloys in percent.
Mark or Zr+Hf Be Nb Hf Ni Cr Ti Al O2 Pb
KTTS 110 E110 99.5 0,003 0,9−1,1 0,01 0,02 0,02 0.007 0,008 0,10 0,005
КТЦ100 Э100 99,7 0.0005 - 0,01 0.01 0.005 0.007 0.005 0.14 0,005
KTTS 125 Э125 99.5 0,003 2.4−2.7 0,01 0,02 0,02 0.007 0,008 0,06−0,1 0,005
The chemical composition of their foreign counterparts Zirconia
UNS Mark Zr+Hf H Fe+Cr Hf O C N
R60700 Zr 700 99.2 0.005 0.2 4.5 0.1 0.05 0.025
R60705 Zr 705 95.5 0.005 0.2 4.5 0.18 0.05 0.025
R60702 Zr 702 99.2 0.005 0.2 4.5 0.16 0.05 0.025

Use. Energy and metallurgy

Dioxide ZrO2 the minerals baddeleyite, zircon are in the manufacture of refractory bricks for metallurgical furnaces, refractory tubes, and crucibles for melting metals. Ukraine has developed the technology to produce large range of pipes made of zirconium alloy KTC-110. This brand of pipe can be used in heat exchanger shells in the nuclear cauldrons in the composition of components of nuclear power plants.


Cardiology center of Nizhny Novgorod conducted the study. Thin zirconium plate in the x-ray Department delayed radiation much better than several layers of protective lead aprons. In the result of the study it was proved that zirconium actively absorbs, neutralizes harmful radiation. Regular wearing of zirconium products is beneficial for health. In chronic diseases the healing often begins after a period of exacerbation. Therefore, when the exacerbation is recommended to remove the product, and after a while to wear again when the discomfort will pass. Recovery occurs in a few cycles.


Jewelers have long attracted the unique properties of this metal, because the anodized zirconium acquires any shade, providing limitless possibilities for the realization of artistic ideas. If you wish to wear something original and unusual, you need to pay attention to zirconium jewelry. They are very elegant, well made and thought out, so very highly valued on the world market.

Other branches

Due to the high strength of Zirconia to acids, steam, aggressive industrial environments, as well as biological inertness, zirconium tubes used in chemical, papermaking, food industry, production of injection needles, steam condensers.

Zirconium bars

They can be cast, cold — and hot-deformed (cold-rolled and hot-pressed), forged (by cold forging method) Ø 4,5 — 81 mm, a length of over 7400 mm Rods made from zirconium alloys with contents consisting of niobium 1% — 2.5% and also corrosion-resistant alloy grade Э635. Bars at the precision of production are divided into two types: high and normal precision. Bars are used as structural material in the manufacture of fuel assemblies of nuclear reactors and fuel elements. Of the rods are made of various elements of fuel Assembly and plug the fuel elements.

Iodine bars

These rods are a special product of the most pure zirconium. Get their way godenovo refining. Of them are made electrodes, vacuum device, the sink.

Cold-rolled sheets

Zirconium sheets are produced by cold rolling of zirconium alloys doped with niobium up to 2.5%. They are annealed in vacuum, and their surface etched. Zirconium sheets have high corrosion resistance. They are used in the form of material for the manufacture of lids fuel assemblies in nuclear reactors. Also they are intended for the production of fragments of chemical reactors and ship hulls.


Produced by cold rolling Ø 0,7 — 4,0 mm of zirconium alloys. In its composition contains from 1% to 2.5% of niobium is another popular material for the production of channels and fuel elements of nuclear reactors, where it is used for welding tubular parts.

Zirconium cathodes

They contain, as a rule, the different ratio of components. They are used for application to the surface of wear-resistant coatings as nitrides, oxynitrides, oxides and other zirconium compounds. Such coatings are applied to the edges of cutting tools made of hard alloys and high speed steels, turbine blades, on the elements of friction pairs (bushes, trees), which significantly increases their lifetime. zirconium cathodes are also used in dentistry for the application of zirconium coating on the crowns.

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