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Bronze rolled according to GOST

Bronze rolled according to GOST

As mark TWAIN quipped: «Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated». Exaggeration to say that the «bronze age» ended in ancient times. Bronze has found its place in the modern world.

General characteristics

In addition to copper in the bronze alloy may include tin, beryllium, silicon, aluminum, phosphorus, and other elements. All of these types of alloys, depending on chemical composition are divided into tin-bronze and tin and depending on the technology of production — casting and pressure treated. They all have a fairly high viscosity, durability, plasticity.


Bronze tin include more than 4% tin. In the casting process, they differ minimal shrinkage. They are considered ideal raw material for the production of rolled products. Bronze aluminum offer up to 8% Al, are easily treatable with pressure, they have relatively high corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, chemical inertness. Silicon have similar qualities but lower value. Beryllium — have about 2% Be and have a fairly high strength, corrosion resistance and elasticity. They are perfectly cut, weldable, and when hitting other metal do not give sparks.


«Tin» bronze is an alloy of copper with tin was one of the first alloy, which was mastered by the man. For this alloy characteristic easy machinability, high level of wear resistance. Is characterized by great resistance to corrosion, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, great level of strength and ductility. With the help of heat treatment is achieved even greater hardening. This alloy is inexpensive, easily stamped, cut and drilled, therefore, widely demanded of modern industry. If we draw a comparison with brass, bronze has much better mechanical, antifriction properties and resistance to corrosion. Most bronzes (except aluminum) are easily welded and soldered using hard and soft solders.


Process conditions are regulated by GOST 24301−93. The chemical composition of products regulated GOST 18175−78; 5017−74; 493−79. In the production of bronze blanks are often used ways to chill and centrifugal casting. The diameter of the workpiece generally from 20 to 1200 mm. currently, LLC «AVEK global"there are the following types of bronze rental: trumpet, bar, strip, wire, round, tape, hex.


Engineering, construction, fuel industry, food industry, transport. Wrought bronze alloys used for the production of inserts, pins, bushings. These products have excellent anti-friction qualities, perfectly exploited in the conditions of increased level of temperature and pressure. Produced as screws, bearings and gears, washers, nuts, shafts, springs (excellent springy silicon bronze). All parts made from beryllium bronze does not spark when striking, they can be used in a potentially explosive environment.

The so-called «Admiralty bronze» — contains in its composition zinc, it is highly resistant to corrosion in salty water, often used by shipbuilders for production of propellers, shafts, add-ins, as well as the production of the housing components.

Aluminum bronze has high specific strength, lightness, it is demanded in the automotive, shipbuilding, aircraft construction. Its high level of conductivity is important for electrical engineering. All bronze steel is widely used in the construction of monuments, for casting candlesticks, figurines, fireplace accessories, as well as the manufacture of chandeliers, clocks, table lamps. All these products are durable, able to serve more than one generation.


All bronze alloys are marked with the letters Br, followed the first letters of alloying elements and their percentage. Brocs-5−5-5 (lead bronze zinc), brand BROTH 10−1 (it contains 1% phosphorus and 10% tin).

Types of bronze rolled

Liners and bushings used in mechanical engineering, have a high plasticity, so wear out quickly, but protect the more important parts of the machinery. They are a consumable item that greatly extend the useful life of all equipment. They are usually made from grades: Brag, БрО5Ц5-C5, Brotss 5−5-5.

Tape. It is usually made from grades: Bra-7; BRB-2; Pbnt; BRB-2m, BRB-2t; BRAF; BRAF 7−0,2; mark Brof 6,5−0,15; Broc4−3; Bross, PCMC; PCMC 3−1.

Sheet. It is characterized by high strength, excellent resistance to corrosion and action of various chemical substances. The sheets have good electrical and thermal conductivity, are widely demanded in many industries. They are made of the brands: Brh1, Áðõ1öð, ÌÍ2, 5КоКрХ.

Wire. It is usually made from grades: Brmc-9−2; Brahms 8,5−4-5−1,5 Br-B2; Bmhc 2,5−0,7−0,6; BRB-2,5; Broth-6,5−0,4; Broc-4−3; Brkm-C3−1; Brtrc; Brkh and 0.7.

The rod is made from brands: Brainmc -9−4-4−1, Bramz-10−3-1,5; BRB-2; BRI-4−3; PCMC-3−1; Bramc9−2; Brkmc3−1A;

Ingots are produced from the brands: Brazh9−4L; brand БрАЖ10−3; Brazhmc10−3-2; brand Brams 9−2, brand БрОС8−12, БрОЦС3−13−4, БрОЦС5−5-5; БррОЦС5−6-5.

Brand of bronze and bronze alloys  
GOST Allоy Grаde by DIN Grаde by EN Composition, % Appointment
Bronze brand ОЦС4−3       Zн — 3,5−4, N and 2.7--3.3, the remaining si Tape, wire springs, strips.
Bronze brand ОЦСН3−7-5−1       N — 2,5−4, Pb — 3−6, Ni — 0,5−2, Zn — 6−9,5. si Fittings in fresh water and marine.
Bronze stamps AMC 9−2       Mn and 1.5 — 2.5 Al — Cu the rest 8−10 Details of repair for marine vessels and electrical equipment.
Bronze mark X       SG — 0,4−1, Zн — 0,3. si For electrodes, welding, carbon steel contact, for heat exchangers.
Bronze brand ОФ6,5−0,15 СиЅп6 2.1020 СW452К P — 0,1−0,25, N — 6−7 the rest of the si Springs, bearings, strips, rods.
Bronze brand АЖМц10−3-1,5       Al — 9−11, Fe — 2,4, Mn 1−2, si. The gears, bearings bushings.
Bronze stamps B2       Ni — 0,2−0,5; Ve 1.9 to 2.2. si Spring details in instrumentation and aviation.
Bronze brand ОФ4−0,25       N — 3,5−4, R — 0,2−0,3, the remaining si Tube spring manometer
Bronze brand ОЦС3−12−5       Zn — 8−15; N — 2−3,5, Pb — 3−6. si Valves in fresh water and sea water.
Bronze brand КМц3−1       Si — 2,75−3,5, Mn — 1−1,5, the rest si Forgings
Bronze brand АЖН10−4-4 CuAl10Ni 2.0975 CC333G Al — 9,5−11, Fe — 3,5−5,5, Ni is 3.5 to 5.5. si Valve seats, gears.
Bronze brand АМц10−2       Al — 9−11, Mn and 1.5 — 2.5, the rest si Shaped casting.
Bronze brand OTS 5−5-5 CuSn5ZnPb 2.1096 CC491K Zн — 4−6, S — 4−6, Pb — 4−6. si Details anti-friction and fittings.
Bronze brand OTS 4−4-17       Zн — 3,5−5, N — 2−6, R — 14−20. si The valve and antifriction parts.
Bronze brand АЖН11−6-6 CuAl11Ni 2.0980 CC334G Al — 10,5−11,5, Fe — 5−6,5, Ni — 5−6,5. si Shaped casting.
Bronze brand АЖ9−4       Al — 8−10, Fe — 2 to 4, the rest si Gears, valve seats, bushings.
Bronze brand ОЦС4−4-2,5       Zн — 3,5−5, N — 3−5, P is 1.5 to 3.5. si Wire, gaskets, bearing

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