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PIC 61 - sn60pb40 solder

PIC 61 - sn60pb40 solder

Application POS61

Used for tin plating and soldering of radio equipment, printed circuit boards, precision devices with high-sealed seams not be overheating of parts, for example, when the compound is quite thin wires. The high content of tin in POS61 lowers the melting temperature of the solder.

Dignity POS61

The.the float, in degrees Rivers.the.melting in degrees UD.weight in g/cm3 UD.El.sopr. in мк0м*m Pre.so on. when Rastas. In MPa
Solidus The liquidus
183 190 240 8,5 0,139 4,3

Among all tin-lead solders of types POS 61 M. 61. 40 provide an increased level of purity brazing and soldering are designed for the most critical components.


Name. GOST Odds.release Chem.part 61 PIC Wt. percentage
No more In the limit
Zn Sb Ni Fe Cu Bi Al As S Pb Sn
POS61 21930−76 Wire d-1 and 1.4, d-1.5 to 5, pig, rod d-8−15* 0.002 0.1 0.02 0.02 0,05 0,2 0.002 0.02 0.02 38.766 — 41 59 — 61
Comparative characteristics of solders brand POS
Solder Supply t° melting Application
PIC 30 Ingots, wire Ø 1−4 mm, rod 183−255°C Tinning and soldering of radiators, brass and sheet zinc
PIC 40 Ingots, wire Ø 1−4 mm, rod 183−238°C Soldering of electrical equipment, parts of galvanized iron, creating a watertight seams.
POS 61 Ingots, wire Ø 0,5−4 mm, rod 183−190°C Soldering of radio equipment, printed circuits, precision instruments.
PIC 90 Rod 183−220°C Soldering and tinning of household and medical equipment

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