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KHN75MBTJU - ЭИ602 wire

KHN75MBTJU - ЭИ602 wire


Steel brand KHN75MBTJU, like other Nickel-chromium alloys, intended for parts that operate at high temperature (up to 850ºС) in aggressive chemical environments. Because a significant proportion of Nickel and chromium, fragments made of this alloy have high corrosion resistance, providing increased reliability of the equipment. Wire is indispensable for the production of fasteners gas pipeline systems or combustion chambers, welding electrodes for welding of steel structures in energy engineering.

Chemical composition KHN75MBTJU (in percent)
Ni Mo Cr Fe Nb Si Al Mn Ti With S Cu
to 77.6 1,8−2,3 19−22 up to 1 0.9−1.3 to 0.8 0.35−0.75 to 0.4 0.35−0.75 to 0.12 to 0.012 to 0.1

Basic properties

The coefficient of linear expansion of 12.4 (1/deg) at a temperature of 100 °C. Density = 8.3 g/cm 3, heat — 13.45 W/(m*deg). The mechanical properties change depending on ambient temperature. The wire has a conductivity of 0,126 • 102 W/(m • K), thanks to a good chemical composition, high weldability, which allows to produce complex structures without the use of special technological equipment, without additional heat treatment after welding. The surface of the alloy is not susceptible to oxidation during long-term operation and high temperature. This wire is plastic, which makes it popular in the manufacture of domestic or industrial appliances. It is resistant to oxidizing atmosphere, to an atmosphere of ammonia, nitrogen. Its main disadvantage that it does not have stability in the atmosphere of sulfur compounds. The cost is high because of the high cost of the main components — Nickel.

Heat treatment

If you want to hold the quenching at t º 1000 — 1100ºС with further cooling in water or air. Such heat treatment promotes the normalization of internal stresses of the material, increasing the strength characteristics of parts.


Wire KHN75MBTJU is in great demand in heaters industrial electric furnaces — furnaces drying and calcination, electric furnaces, heating effect, household appliances. The most widely used in petrochemical engineering. Used in rheostat and resistor elements, as well as in manufacturing soldering irons, vacuum devices elements of high reliability. It can be used as a cutting or heating element in thermal packaging knives for sealing packages. When tightening spirals the length of the wire is determined based on the required power. Its high ductility allows the processing at low temperatures, saving on energy costs. Due to corrosion resistance, it is used in some hostile environments as chemically resistant alloy.

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