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Solder Poc 10, Poc 80

Solder Poc 10, Poc 80

Abbreviation solder brand PUTZ means of a consumable material based on zinc and tin. Usually solder brand PUTZ is used to eliminate any damage to the parts from aluminum, tin or zinc alloys. Solders brand of POTS are considered to be quite popular today in the energy sector.


Repair, soldering of various defects on products made of aluminum, zinc, tin alloys. If you assess the state diagram for the system zinc-tin, you can see that the metals almost do not dissolve in each other. Therefore, for soldering such double alloys are rarely used. To optimize the properties of zinc solders are required to enter the aluminum, some copper, cadmium, and other elements.

Soldering copper

Used Zn alloy with 2% si. For carrying out the soldering of joints needing a high degree of electrical conductivity, solders it is necessary to add 0.5% and 1.5% Ag.

Aluminum brazing

Used soft solders, the best in this case — the dual alloys of zinc and aluminum, zinc, and cadmium. Often used zinc solders with copper. They all have a good level of corrosion resistance brazed joints and good fusible. These advantages are particularly noticeable when using zinc alloys, which is alloyed with copper and aluminum.


Zinc alloy and aluminium forms solid solutions and eutectic. To reduce the temperature of melting zinc solders alloyed with other elements, They are characterized by very low marginal level of solubility in aluminum at the soldering temperature; this allows to significantly reduce the erosive effect on aluminum alloys.

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