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ХН60М - EP367 sheet, circle, wire

ХН60М - EP367 sheet, circle, wire


The alloy is heat-resistant on iron (iron-nickel) basis ХН60М (06Х15Н60М1; EP367) is used in production of flat springs, rotors, disks, fasteners produced by cold disembarkation, as well as turbine blades and various parts of turbines that are operated at temperatures up to +650 ° С According to GOST 5632−72 «Alloys are heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant and high-alloy steels. Marks «, as well as the technical specifications 14−11−245−88» T. U. Shaped steel profiles of high accuracy. «The material in modern turbine blade engines should have a high resistance to failure under thermal, low cycle fatigue, which today is the main type of failure. The danger of destruction is aggravated by surface reactions that occur due to softening of grain boundaries and gas corrosion. The basic requirements for the material for the manufacture of turbine blades are determined by the latest developments in engine designs, continuous increase in ductility, low-cycle resistance, thermal fatigue, heat resistance, and resistance to gas atmospheres.

Chemical characteristics ХН60М

Ni Fe S Si Fe P C Cu Cr Al W Mo Ti
34.0−38.0 The basis ≤0,020 ≤0,60 The basis ≤0,030 ≤0.12 ≤0.30 14.0−16.0 - 2.8−3.5 - 1.1−1.5

Characteristics physical ХН60М

Unit. Amend. Temper. Test, in ° C 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 20 0
(G, GPa) When torsion modulus of elasticity during shear                      
(R, kg / m3) Density                   8160 8164
(R, N · m · m) Electrical resistivity     1170 1160 1150 1120 1100 1050 1020    
(E, GPa) The elastic modulus of normal   150 158 166 173 179 186 190 195 202 198
(L, W / (m · ° C)) Thermal conductivity. Coefficient   26th 24 22 21 19 17th 16 13    
(C, J / (kg · ° C)) Specific heat                      
(A, 10−6 1 / ° C) Linear coefficient. Temperatures. Expanding the 16.9 17.7 16.6 16.6 16.1 15.9 15.5 15.1 14.8    


The physical characteristics of this grade of alloy:
— the first kind of modulus of elasticity, [MPa] — E
— Heat capacity of the material (or coefficient of heat conductivity), in [W / (m · deg)] -l
— The temperature required to obtain these properties, [Grad] — T
— linear coefficient. Temper. Expansion in [1 / Grad] (temp. Interval 20 ° C), -a
— electrical resistivity, in [Ohm · m] -R
— The density of this material, [kg / m3] -r
— Specific heat of the material in [J / (kg · deg)] (temp. Interval 20 ° C) -C

Magnetic characteristics:

— force coercive (not higher), in [A / m] Hc
— permeability is magnetic (not higher), in [MH / m] Umax
— loss of specific (not higher) frequency 50 Hz, magnetic induction 1.0 T, in [W / kg] P1.0 / 50
— Magnetic Tl induction, the magnetic field strength is not less than 100, in a magnetic field, in [A / m] B100

Mechanical properties at temperatures of 20 ° C ХН60М.

Production Section, mm St | S0.2, MPa D D10 Y,% HRB SB, MPa D5,% D4 Tp., ° C Tоотпуск, ° C HV HSh HB KCU, kJ / m2 HRC
ХН35ВТ-ВД ≤200 ≥490     ≥40   ≥830 ≥18           207−269 ≥588  
ХН35ВТ ≤650 ≥392     ≥25   ≥735 ≥15           207−269 ≥686  
Mechanical characteristics:
— Strength of short-term, in [MPa] Sv
— Yield strength (limit of proportionality) for permanent deformation, in [MPa] ST
— relative elongation at break, in [%] D5
— the restriction is relative, in [%] Y
— Impact viscosity, in [kJ / m2] KCU
— Brinell hardness, [MPa] HB

Welded assembly and procurement of parts for pipeline valves according to ST CKBA 016−2005.

Those. Cond., GOST for alloy.

«Technical conditions: With special finishing round, high-quality steel surface.» According to GOST 14955−77

«A variety of rolled steel round bars.» According to GOST 2590−2006

«Steel square square rolled hot rolled.» According to GOST 2591−2006

«Specifications: High-precision shaped steel profiles.» 14−11−245−88

«Class, round, square forged steel.» According to GOST 1133−71

«Assortment. Forged, hot-rolled strips of tool steel. «According to GOST 4405−75

«The round steel is calibrated.» According to GOST 7417−75

«The square steel is calibrated.» According to GOST 8559−75

«High-quality rolled steel strip bars, hot-rolled.» According to GOST 103−2006

«Technical. conditions. Calibrated, high-grade steel is corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, heat-resistant. «According to GOST 5949−75

«Sortament. Hexagonal rolled products calibrated. «According to GOST 8560−78

«Forged steel square, round.» According to GOST 1133−71

«Stamps. Heat-resistant, heat-resistant steels, corrosion-resistant, highly alloyed. «According to GOST 5632−72

«Grade» Hot rolled rolled steel grade hexagonal. «According to GOST 2879−2006

Bounded welding — welding is possible during heating up to the tempo. 100−120 oC and thermal further processing
Compostable — In order to obtain welded quality joints, it is necessary to perform additional operations: during welding, heating to temper. 200−300 ° C, heat treatment (annealing) after welding.
Welded without restrictions — welding is carried out without thermal further processing and preheating.

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