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Carbide - titanium electrodes

Carbide - titanium electrodes

The use

Nowadays, titanium carbide (TiC) is indispensable in the tool industry, it is made from solid metal-ceramic alloys in the form of electrodes for arc lamps. It is used in the electrodes as a material for tanks in the electrolysis mercury cathode. In the process of decomposition of TiC catalyzes the amalgam of sodium. It is also widely used as an additive to the graphite or its substitutes. The electrodes based on TiC are used in the electrolysis of an aqueous solution, in the process of oxy-electric cutting under water of steels during vacuum evaporation, with 7−10 times reduced specific electrode consumption, compared to conventional.

It is also used in the form:

filler for diamond tools;

a material for crucibles, boats, where the evaporation of aluminium heat exchangers;

protective screen for electric resistance furnaces;

— covers for protection of metal thermocouples;

— for processing of semiconductors, dielectrics, aluminum, glass, natural stone;

— abrasive material, designed for machining steel, cast iron, metal and nonferrous alloys.

Features carbide — titanium electrodes

In the process of cutting a TiC electrode steels there was a steady combustion, easy to initiate arc, and the resulting cut out of high quality. When introduced into the composition of graphite TiC increases the efficiency of the process of electrolysis of aqueous solutions. In the event of an increase in electrode content up to 30% of TiC, there will be a significant reduction of overvoltage, and rapid evolution of oxygen and hydrogen. The current density will be 10~2 — 10~4 A/cm2. At higher content of carbide-titanium (over 30%), further reducing the surge will not happen.
During application of aluminum coatings on plastic, use it as the heating element is difficult due to the cutting of refractory compounds of tubular electrodes.
In TiC-crucibles for vacuum evaporation of low-melting metals used tin, silver, copper, without the addition of other materials. For electric furnaces by coating a graphite electrode used alloys of TiN — TiC — Cr.


For the production of TiC-electrodes requires the following components: Fe — 0,1 — 0,6%, C St. — 0,1 — 0,2%; Ti — 79,2 — 80% C. 19.4 to 20.2 per cent. The titanium carbide produced the following fractions: F — 320, F400, F360, F500, F800, F600, F1200, F1000.

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