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Foil molybdenum

Foil molybdenum

General characteristics

Molybdenum foil is the ultimate product of the flat products with thickness up to 0.02 mm. It is made from quality MCH containing not less than 99.9% of Mo. When heated, the material becomes very plastic, so the rolled foil possible much thinner aluminum. Molybdenum foil is not only high strength, but very flexible. It easily accepts any form, resistant to corrosion, the action of chemical reagents, solutions of concentrated mineral acids and alkalis. It is heat resistant, heat resistant, has a negligible temperature coefficient, biological inertness and safety, high thermostatic effect. Molybdenum foil meets the stringent sanitary requirements, making it suitable in any field.

Physical properties of molybdenum
The temperature at which the obtained data the features of t°C 20°C
The linear thermal expansion coefficient α [1/°C] Of 4.9x10-6
Density [g/cm3] 10,2
The melting temperature t°C 2620°C
Specific heat at 20 °C [kJ/(kg·deg)] 0,256
The thermal conductivity K [W/(m·K)] 142
Electrical resistivity R, Mhmm2/m 0,054


Practically the only disadvantage is the high cost of molybdenum foil as the molybdenum is a metal belonging to rare earth elements and in its pure form is quite difficult to identify. Besides, he is refractory and hard to work.


Foil made of molybdenum is made according to the specifications 48−19−245−84. It is manufactured from certified high-quality molybdenum purity is 99.95% «cold-hot» method of high-precision equipment. Because hot molybdenum easily engages with atmospheric gases, are used the most modern technologies of the chemical. protection.

First, by using powder metallurgy get Fort. After it heats up and Raskulinecz on a rotary forging machine, flat sheet, from which after drawing are getting hot foil. After turning the sheet in foil, rolling may continue at normal temperatures. The foil is very smooth surface, and surface oxides are removed by calcination at 1000 °C in hydrogen atmosphere or a hot solution of caustic soda. The production of wire made of molybdenum

True annealing temperature, ° C The thickness of the molybdenum foil
1500−1550 200 — 800 µm
1450−1500 801 — 1000 µm
1400−1450 1001 — 1250 µm
1300−1350 1251 — 2500 µm


The rapid development of modern instrumentation, robotics, nuclear energy, engineering, petrochemical industry, medicine stimulate demand for foil of refractory metals. Molybdenum foil is most commonly used:

— nuclear energy

— the military-industrial complex

— chemical industry

— radio electronics and electrical engineering

— for the manufacture of heat exchangers, vacuum devices

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