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WOOD tungsten alloy

WOOD tungsten alloy

Composition and properties of WOOD alloy

WOOD alloy is a heavy fusible alloy, invented by Robert Williams wood. The density of this alloy is equal of 9.72 g/cm3, and the melting temperature is 68.5°C.

The composition of the alloy contains Pb 25%, Sn-12.5% of Bi-50%, and Cd is 12.5%. There are also other variants of the alloy, which was developed later. In the greater part of the fusible alloys during solidification shrinkage occurs, and contain in the process of solidification of bismuth more than 55%, on the contrary, are expanding. Wood Williams was able to pick up the «Golden mean», namely the structure in which the volume does not change. The tensile strength of the alloy is 4.5 kgf/mm2; Brinell hardness number equal to 10.5 kgf/mm2; relative elongation in the stretching process — 7%.


Wood alloy is is granules or silver-white sticks. It is produced in ingots, in the form of rods measuring 10x12x250 mm, ingots, granules, according to the technical conditions and GOST 6−09−4064−87.

The use of alloy

Wood alloy used in precision casting in the investment casting rods, when bending thin-walled pipes, in the production of hollow bodies by way of electroforming. The alloy wood is indispensable in solders for mounting parts with fill, to receive impressions, fuse boxes and fuses are safety devices. This alloy is intended for non-metals, with electrolytic coating: tin — bismuth, tin-lead and silver, as well as for soldering copper.
Wood alloy is used for soldering of the fuse links and fuses.

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