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Sheet 68НХВКТЮ-эп578

Sheet 68НХВКТЮ-эп578


Products, parts, metal structures in modern production are forced to operate under very harsh conditions. They are subject to the influence of corrosive gases and solutions, high temperatures, and resist heavy mechanical loads. Sheet 68НХВКТЮ-ВИ, as well as various products, parts and structures that are made with this material, are designed for long-term operation at operating temperatures up to 800 ° C, under high loads in corrosive environments. Heat-resistant, heat-resistant sheet 68НХВКТЮ-ВИ is an example of an optimum parity of the price / quality.

The chemical composition of the sheet 68НХВКТЮ-ВИ, in percents.
Si C Fe Mn P S Ni Cr V W Ce Co Al Ti Nb - B Cu
Up to 0.4 Up to 0.05 Up to 1 Up to 0.4 Up to 0.015 Up to 0.01 55.402 — 63.5 18 — 20 Up to 0.2 9 — 10.5 Up to 0.05 5.5 — 6.7 1.3 — 1.8 2.7 — 3.2 Up to 0.2 B, Ce — calculation Up to 0.003 Up to 0.07


Sheet 68НХВКТЮ-ВИ refers to heat-resistant precision steels that have the specified elasticity characteristics. The finished sheet is very technological and easily amenable to any methods of thermal and mechanical processing — grinding, cutting, polishing. Welding is carried out without restrictions. Such a sheet is durable, aesthetic and reliable, due to which it is popular in many spheres. The sheet is durable, resistant to oxidation, even under nitrogen and ammonia,

Designations of physical properties

— Yield strength, σ 0,2 N / mm 2

— relative narrowing, Ψ,%

— elongation at break δ,%

— ultimate strength, σ in N / mm 2

— impact strength, σsub> 0,2sub> N / mm 2

— value of thermal conductivity (W / (m · K) — l

— density of the substance (kg / m3 cube) — r

— the specific heat of heating (the amount of heat required to increase the temperature of 1 kg / 1 g (joule per kg-kelvin)) — C

— electrical resistivity (the ability to conduct an electric current at t = 20 ° (Ohmmm 2 / m)) — R

— modulus of longitudinal elasticity (MPa, Young’s modulus) — E

— coefficient of thermal linear expansion (for temperature change by 1 °) — a

Mechanical properties of wire: GOST 10994−74 and 1375−1570

— relative narrowing (in%) — y

— Impact strength (kJ / m 2) — KCU

— hardness of the Brinell material (kgf / mm. kv) — HB

— temporary fracture resistance (MPa) — sB

— Proportionality limit (MPa) — sT

— tensile elongation (in%) — d5

Application of the sheet 68НХВКТЮ-ВИ

Due to its high strength, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, the sheet 68НХВКТЮ-ВИ finds the widest application. It produces heat-resistant sheet metal parts, fragments of high-temperature installations, gas-discharge pipes for petrochemical engineering. Sheets 68НХВКТЮ-ВИ are indispensable in the manufacture of structures that require long-term trouble-free operation and great mechanical strength.

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