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Tungsten wire VA 8 micron - 500 micron

Tungsten wire VA 8 micron - 500 micron


Tungsten wire is made from a very refractory metal, which has a melting point is +3422°C. the High heat resistance, strength and corrosion resistance to corrosive gas and liquid environments allows her to apply for the most important products. It has excellent mechanical properties: abrasion resistance, minimum thermal expansion coefficient, hardness at high temperatures compared to other metals, high modulus of compression/stretching, very high creep resistance, electrical resistivity, good thermal conductivity. The exceptional reliability of the tungsten wire in the most extreme conditions made it irreplaceable in the forefront of modern industry.

Physical quality
The temperature at which the obtained data the features of t°C 20°C
The linear thermal expansion coefficient α [1/Deg] 43x10-6
The density of the alloy [g/cm3] 19,3
Tensile strength tensile kg/mm2 35
Specific heat at 20 °C [kJ/(kg·deg)] 0,134
The thermal conductivity K [W/(m·K)] 300,173
Electrical resistivity R, Mhmm2/m 0,054


Manufacturing associated with a number of difficulties. Tungsten is a rare element in the earth’s lithosphere. Under normal conditions it is not sufficiently plastic. The difficulty of obtaining it in its pure form, rather complicated processing affects the final product cost. This wire is very heavy.


Tungsten wire is made from a roll in a rotary forging machine powder shtabikov. Get the bars, the lug stretches into a tungsten wire with a diameter of 1 — 3 mm. Wire with smaller diameter is called a thread. It can also be produced with addition of chromium, cobalt, carbon. While its strength is increased by almost 1.3 times. Drawn tungsten wire groups A, B, C (black), brand WA, HF, VRN, also manufactured by way of powder metallurgy. One kilogram of tungsten rolled into a thread length of 3.5 kilometers. This is sufficient to produce 20 thousand bulbs, 60 watts. This gives you the opportunity to meet the demand of electrical production in the world only two railway wagons of tungsten per year.


Mark WM used in x-ray technology and electronics, it is used the heaters and cathodes for electronic devices designed for operation in vibration, shock, t° 2100 °C. Brand VRN is the manufacture of springs, hooks, cathodes of gas-discharge and electronic equipment, glands, traverse and other parts that do not require tungsten with special additives.

High resistance and a unique light output, allow the use of a thin tungsten filament in incandescent lamps. Tungsten filament for lighting devices made in accordance with GOST 19671−91 from VA, VRN, RF, ∅ 19,5 mm — 1.5 mm. Also it is made of springs of electronic devices, spiral cathodes for electronic devices that are not loop-spiral cathodes, grids, heaters. A variety of filters, grids made of tungsten wire used in the chemical industry. This wire is used for the production of surgical instruments, parts of missiles, aircraft, textile machinery.


Grade tungsten wire Surface condition Group Ø µm Application
VA Black And 10 — 1500 Spiral heaters and cathodes for electronic devices and springs of semiconductor devices. Spiral lamps.
Black high manufacturability HELL 50 — 1500 Cathodes and heaters, and directly heated cathodes in helical structures with the factor of the core 1 and 2.2
Black high-heat resistance AE 500 — 1200 Directly heated spiral heaters and cathodes with the working temperature or the temperature of thermal treatment over 2,000°C
Black AP 10 — 200 Not spiral cathodes, grids, springs, loop heaters electronic devices.
Purified B 11 — 500 Hooks, support, spiral bulbs, springs, spiral cathodes and heaters of the gas-discharge and electronic devices.
Purified and annealed G Mesh, loop heaters, asperuloside cathodes. Spiral for some special bulbs
Etched T 5 — 12 Directly heated non-helical and spiral cathodes and heaters cathodes. Grid electronic devices.
Pickled and annealed IT
VM Black   11 — 1500 Parts of the device and spirals of special incandescent lamps which are operated at a temperature of not more than 2100 °C under high mechanical loads (vibrations, shocks)
VRN   800 — 1500 The bar, bushings and other parts that are not trebuyu doped tungsten.
W-7 And 20 — 1500 Cathodes, hooks, springs and some gas discharge electronic devices
VT-10   25 — 1500 The cathodes of gas-discharge and electronic devices
VT-15   150 — 1500

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