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Seamless steel pipe

Seamless steel pipe

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Technical specifications

The steel pipe of seamless construction is a continuous tubular metal (without a longitudinal weld joint), obtained by the method of hot deformation using special tube mills. Compared with welded analogs, they are more durable, reliable and resistant to external influences. Such characteristics make it possible to use them in such technically complex areas as engineering, chemical, oil industry, etc.


The pipe method distinguishes two main types:

  1. — seamless cold-deformed pipe (assortment according to GOST 8734−78);
  2. — Pipe seamless hot-deformed (assortment GOST 8732−78).

For the production of pipes, steel ingots of carbon and alloy steel are used according to Gosstandart: 1050−88, 4543−71, and GOST 19281−89 .


Steel seamless pipes are divided into 3 types depending on the ratio of the size of the outer diameter to the wall thickness:

  • less than 6 especially thick-walled;
  • 6−12,5 — thick-walled;
  • 12,5−40 — thin-walled, having a small weight per meter.

Delivery, price

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