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Aluminum rod

Aluminum rod


The most practical kind of rolled aluminum is the rod. It is made with round, hexagonal, or square cross-section of aluminium alloys (GOST 21488−97). Its indisputable advantages reveal the wide scope of application.


Aluminum rod is light enough, cheap, very durable and lends itself perfectly to all types of machining. This material has excellent heat and electrical conductivity. Due to the presence on the surface of a hard oxide film, it is very resistant to corrosion and adverse effects of the environment, while it is completely non-toxic, non-magnetic, aesthetically and biologically inert, the sum of the technological parameters it is superior to steel, because it is very light, ductile and cheap material, which is durable even when exposed to sea water.


The main disadvantage of chemically pure aluminium is that it is less durable compared to steel, can not withstand very high loads and high temperatures.


Quality Feature Marking
Home section round CU
square KV
hex SHG
The condition of the material without heat treatment  
soft M
aged naturally T
aged artificially T1
Strength normal  
high PP
Length measuring multiple lengths CD
random lengths of desired size NC
bays BT

Manufacturing of aluminum twig

Name GOST Mark Size The presence of
Aluminum rod 4784, 1131 The AVPP, AK4−1, AK6, АК6ПП, AD1, AD31, АД31Т1, АД33Т1, Amg2, Amg3, AMg5, AMg6, АМг6М, AMC, AMCs, V95, В95Т1, Д1ПП, Д1Т, D1, D16, Д16ПП, D16T, Д16ТП, Д16Ткв, Д16ЧТ, Д16ЧТПП, Д19Т, Д19ЧТ, Д19ЧТПП, D20, Д20Т1, SAP-2, 1915, 1561, 1561М 04,0−660,0 926−37−36

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The company «AVEK global» has been supplying aluminum rolled products under the order on the most favorable terms. We offer You a wide selection of rod is made of aluminum and its alloys, the chemical composition of which is regulated by standards GOST 4784. It is also possible to manufacture the rod with very high frequency according to GOST 11069. Prices are regulated depending on the order quantity, for wholesale purchases there is a flexible system of discounts. The quality of the products is governed by the norms of GOST.