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To purchase a bronze plaque at an affordable price from the supplier AVEK global

To purchase a bronze plaque at an affordable price from the supplier AVEK global

Many do not know about neosporin the advantages of bronze bushings. Meanwhile, the huge mechanisms would be unable to do without it. Therefore, c can safely be called a bronze bushing uncontested invention.


Wearing, bushings of bronze, protect from abrasion and extend the life of complex and costly components and assemblies. Bronze bushings are characterized by high conductivity, stable mechanical properties, can withstand high mechanical loads. The purpose of this production is precisely to extend the life of huge arrangements, and thus save the company the cost of repair of expensive equipment.

Grade of bronze Hardness HB 10-1 Cal. friction with lubrication Cal. friction without lubrication
Brazhn10 4−4 130−150 MPa 0,011 0,23
Bra11zh6n6 250 MPa 0,013 0,24
Bro5c5s5 145−155 MPa 0,016 0,26
БрОЦС5−5-5 60 MPa 0,016 0,26


The most common brands of bronze for the manufacture of bushings are alloys: Brag, Bro5c5s5, БрОЦС5−5-5 and several others.


Bronze bushings and other such supplies have a huge purpose in the workplace. For example, bronze liners of motor-axial bearings of locomotive traction are considered essential in railway production. Bronze bushings are used in heavy transport, hydropower production, heavy industry. Crushers SMD-117, STS-118 also extend the work with bronze bushings.

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