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SV-04Х19Н9 - 1.4316 - er308Lsi stainless steel welding wire

SV-04Х19Н9 - 1.4316 - er308Lsi stainless steel welding wire

Technical specifications

The wire of this brand is intended for welding of critical equipment from austenitic steels, (stainless (corrosion-resistant and chromium-nickel steels)) when increased resistance to intergranular corrosion is demanded on the weld metal. Marks of welded steels: 08х18н10, 12х18н10т, 10х17н13м2т. The position of the welded seams: horizontal, bottom, ceiling, vertical from bottom to top


A melting electrode with rutile-base coating.

Type of welding current

Current constant reverse polarity.

Welding current value, A

Diameter Lower The upper Ceiling Light
3.0 50−90 50−70 50−70
4.0 90−140 90−110 90−110
5.0 120−170 120−140  

Mechanical properties of weld metal

Index Value
Temporary resistance, MPa 560
Relative extension, % 35
Impact strength, J / cm2 140
Yield strength, MPa  

Coefficient of surfacing: 10.5 g / Ah. Consumption of electrodes per 1 kg of welded metal: 1.6 kg.

Chemical composition of weld metal

Chemical element Lower limit,% Upper limit,%
C (carbon) 0.05 0.11
Mn (manganese) 0.8 1.4
Si (silicon) 0.5 1.0
Ni (Nickel) 7.8 10.0
Cr (Chrome) 16.5 19.5
Mo (Molybdenum) 1.8 2.5
S (Sulfur)   0.025
P (Phosphorus)   0.03


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