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12X18H9T -эя1т wire, round

12X18H9T -эя1т wire, round

General characteristics

Corrosion heat-resistant grade 12X18H9T is a chromium-Nickel austenitic steel. From it produce welded equipment (tanks and heat exchangers), to work in conditions of high atmospheric and soil moisture, in an oxidizing environment, HNO3, mean concentrations of organic acids, organic solvents, under conditions of cryogenic temperatures of -196°C, etc.


Is carried out according to the following GOST: 18907−73; 18143−72; 5632−72; 5949−75; 4405−75; 5582−75; 4986−79; 7350−77; 25054−81; 9941−81; 9940−81; and also specifications: 14−1-416−72, 14−1-565−84 and 14−1-377−72.

The chemical composition of the alloy 12X18H9T.

Fe Cr C Mn S P Ni Ti Si
DOS. From 17 to 19 ≤0,12 ≤2 ≤0,02 ≤0,035 From 8 to 9.5 5·S-0,8 ≤0,8

Is melted in open electric arc furnaces. This steel meets all the requirements of GOST. Made the following types of rentals: circle, sheet, pipe, wire, tape. During hot rolling and forging at the beginning of temperature = 1170 °C, and in the end — of about 900 °C.

Physical properties at 20°C

— The thermal conductivity of 0,134 · 102 W/(m · K).

— Specific gravity 7.9 g/cm3

— Modulus 18 · 10— 4 N/mm2

Hardness HB 200 MPa -1

— Resistivity 0.75 Omhm2/m.

— Specific heat 0,504 · 103, j/(kg · K);

— Magnetic permeability in a field of 500 e 1,255 micro Tesla/m.


Welded both manual and automatic welding. In the process of automatic submerged arc welding an-26 and an-18 and argon-arc welding electrodes take the welding rod of SV-06Х21Н7БТ SV-05Х20Н9ФБС SV-08Х19Н10Б and SV-04Х22Н10БТ; for the hand electrodes EA-1Ф2 brand TSL-2Б2, EA-606/11, GL-2 with rod of SV-08Х19Н9Ф2С2 SV-05Х19Н9ФЗС2 and SV-05Х19Н9ФЗС2. A shielding gas rod SV-08Х20Н9С2БТЮ used for automatic manual welding.

The electrodes of CL-11 and 9 with a rod of SV-07CR25NI13 SV-07Х19Н10Б used in manual electric arc welding. Control at AMU and AM GOST 6032−89 no specifically triggers the heating electrodes attach to the weld resistance to intergranular and General corrosion in nitric acid (65%) at a temperature of 70−80°C. However, the weld seams can be inclined to stab corrosion. The weld seams obtained with electrodes of CL-11 and 9, respectively, are: KCU=80 and 70 j/cm2; σв=550 and 600 N/mm2; δ=22 and 2%.


Production of welded constructions operated in a temperature range of -196 +600°C in highly corrosive environments, without limiting the pressure. Also the steel used in the manufacture of castings for fragments of metallurgical mining equipment, vessels that are operated in wet-process phosphoric, 55% sulfuric acid and acetic acid increased, and other corrosive environments at t° to 80 °C.

12X18H9T steel used in equipment designed for the production of welding wire and welding electrodes, demand for connections of fittings, joints in pipelines, repair welds equipment that operates in a corrosive environment and the pipe housing unit.

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