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SV-08Х20Н9Г7Т, 1.4370 pipe, wire, circle

SV-08Х20Н9Г7Т, 1.4370 pipe, wire, circle


Welding wire brand SV-08Х20Н9Г7Т made in accordance with, RD 03−613−03, GOST 2246−70 and technical conditi. 1220−005−84823540−2010. This wire is used for manual arc welding of the most critical components of structures made of austenitic steel grades: 08KH18N12B, 12KH18N9T, 08KH18N10T, and similar. Wire is also used for parts of internal devices operated at t° 570−650°, high pressure, and used for welding steels of similar marks in the case when the seam is not present stringent requirements of resistance to intergranular corrosion.


In rolls of 85−100 kg, frame, metal coil К415, K300, plastic spools D200, 300. Produced wire diameter: 1 mm; 1.2; 1.6 mm; 2; 2.5 mm; 3, 4, 5 mm (allowable under the order production of the required size).

Percentage composition of welding wire SV-08Х20Н9Г7Т:

Al N V W P S Cu
The fact The fact The fact The fact Not bol. 0,035 Not bol.0,018 Not bol.0,25
Mo Ti Cr Ni Si With Mn
Not bol. 0,25 0,60−0,90 18,50−22,00 8,00−10,00 0,50−1,00 Not bol.0,10 5,00−8,00

Mechanical quality

Temporary tear resistance alloy wire brand 08Х20Н9Г7Т: meets all standards.

Wire. The diameter, in millimeters Temporary rupture resistance, in kgf/mm2 (MPa) used for
production of electrodes surfacing (welding)
SV. 2,0 637−931 (65−95) 686−1029 (70−105)
2,0 686−980 (70−100) 784−1176 (80−120)
1,6 686−980 (70−100) 882−1274 (90−130)
0,8−1,5 - 882−1323 (90−135)

Limit deviations and wire diameters correspond to the following:

wire diameter nominal Deviation limiting wire intended for

production of electrodes surfacing (welding)
1 -  
1,5   -0,09
4,0; 5,0; 6,0 -0,12 -0,16
1,6; 2,0 - -0,12
0,8 -0,06 -0,07
2,5; 3,0 -0,09 -0,12
1,2 - -0,09

Ferritic phase:

In the wire of the ferritic phase components are regulated with the agreement of the parties.

Chemical characteristics of the deposited metal:

Al N V W P Cu S
0,05 0,02 0,05 0,001 0,018 0,12 0,004
Mo Ti Cr Ni Si Mn With
0,05 0,71 20,75 8,65 0,68 7,24 0,07

Position in the welding process:

N45, B1, G, H1, 2, L1, 2.

Welding-technological characteristics

Wire weld metal is used in the environment of inert argon gas. Formation of a filling, root, face layers of the seam, and arc stability.

Mechanical characteristics (test during submerged arc welding) weld metal.

Brand of welding wire Temporary resistance at break σ B, in MPa Relative elongation, % Yield limit, σ T, MPa The viscosity of the shock, in j/cm2 KCU
    -20°C +20°C
SV-08Х20Н9Г7Т 598,3 33 320,1 To 119.7 Is 120.2

The weld metal of the weld to intergranular corrosion is not inclined.

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