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A bronze pipe in assortment: any length and diameter - Open Company

A bronze pipe in assortment: any length and diameter - Open Company


Bronze pipes are particularly strong, plastic, they are very amenable to machining. In addition, they are easily cut, bored and, with the exception of aluminum bronzes, easily soldered by any solders. They are remarkable for their resistance to corrosion, the action of aggressive reagents, they are distinguished by good thermal conductivity, durability, and are widely used in many branches of the national economy.


Bronze pipes are made by the method of hot and cold rolling. Tin bronzes are used — an alloy of copper with aluminum, as well as alloys with silicon, beryllium — depending on what tasks will be necessary to solve. According to GOST 1208 pressed bronze types of pipes produce from brands BrAJMc10−3-1.5; BRAZHN10−4-4, their chemical composition is normalized to GOST 18175. Manometric pipes are made of BrF4−0.25 alloys according to GOST 2622 .

Bronze Mark Hardness HB 10 -1 T ° melting (in ° C) Σv (MPa)
BRAZH10 4−4 130−150 MPa 1084 ° 450−830
BRAZhM10−3-1.5 125−140 MPa 1045 ° 400−700
BrOF4−0.25 145−155 MPa 1060 ° 300−700
BRAJ9−4 100−120 MPa 1040 ° 400−700

Note. The range σ in (MPa) is given for a soft / hard alloy.

According to the types of cross-section, the pipes are:

— Flat-oval;

— oval;

— Round.

Variety Guest Make Main settings
Pipes 1208 BRAZHM10−3-1.5 BRAZHN1O-4−4, BrOF4-O, 25 7−18OXO, 15−6OCHND


A rare combination of strength, ductility, great resistance to corrosion makes the bronze pipes highly reliable, durable in operation. They are actively used for main pipelines that transport water, a variety of technical fluids, chemicals that cause corrosion of steel. Often, bronze pipes are used as blanks for cutting and stamping in the production of rolling elements: bearings, separators. Manometric pipes are usually used for the manufacture of springs.

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