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Titan round

Titan round

Without titanium it is impossible to imagine advanced technology. In its qualities it is a truly unique metal. It has exceptional resistance to influence of mineral salts and moisture, even at very high temperatures, action of chemical reagents: nitric acid, organic acids, alkalis, does not oxidize in the atmosphere of sulfur, chlorine, in the environment of industrial gases.


The range of titanium has a solid profile with round cross section. Made from grades VT1−0, VT20, VT3−1, VT6, VT14, ВТ16, BT23], OT4, ПТ3 IN (chem. composition normalized OST 1 90013−81; GOST 19807−74). Depending on the use of use various methods of manufacturing: forging, pressing, PVP (helical rolling), rolling share buy back in accordance with the applicable standards. Hot rod, having not grinded surface (GOST and OST 26492−85 90173−75 1); a rod mechanically calibrated and polished (OST 1 90201−75); brand ВТ16 for the manufacture of fasteners by hot upsetting and turning (OST 1 90202−75); iron (OST 1 90107−73); extruded (OST 1 92020−82); large-sized, which is made by rolling of a forged blank (OST 1 90266−86); for shipbuilding (OST 1 92062−90); rolled alloys General purpose (the technical conditions 1−83−21−79). The circle can be sanded and grinded surface. It can be of higher quality (P) and normal. The length can be random, dimensional and volumetric maximum deviation within a random.


High heat resistance, specific strength, high corrosion resistance in aggressive environments. These products are able to withstand the pressure of hot gas in rocket nozzles and the water pressure at the bottom of the ocean. They are widely used in industrial chemistry, due to its high acid resistance, corrosion resistance, and in the healthcare industry — thanks to the biological inertness.


These can be attributed to the high cost and complexity of production. However, given the exceptional properties, reliability and durability, all costs of production over time is guaranteed to pay off.


Design of underwater vehicles and modern jet technology. Titanium circle is widely used in industrial chemistry, due to its high acid resistance, corrosion resistance, and in the healthcare industry — thanks to the biological inertness. It is indispensable in the manufacture of lightweight, reliable, durable parts in the airship, aerospace, shipbuilding and automotive. In the petrochemical and gas industry of great importance to its acid resistance and corrosion resistance, in medicine and food industry — biological inertness. It is an ideal material for medical implants, instruments, artificial joints. It is also used in heating and cryogenic equipment.

Diameter Production method surface Unit Price.
Round VT1−0
8   turned kg negotiable
From 10 to 12 hot rolled PVP honed. kg contract.
16 to 70 HR. PVP - kg dogs.
From 80 to 120 Goryachkin. abtoc. kg dog.
From 130 to 180 forged - kg dog.
Round VT3−1
55 HR polished. kg negotiable
60 Goryachkin. - kg negotiable.
90 forged - kg contract.
Titanium round VT6
25 HR - kg contract.
VT14 titanium rod
20 HR. - kg dogs.
24 Goryachkin. - kg dog.
25 Goryachkin. - kg dog.
Titanium round ВТ16
5,5 Goryachkin. turned kg negotiable
From 8.5 to 10 Goryachkin. honed. kg negotiable.
Titanium VT20 range
100 HR brushed kg contract.
From 130 to 140 HR - kg dogs.
140 HR brushed kg dog.
Rod BT23]
65 HR turned kg negotiable
Titanium round OT4
From 45 to 100 HR brushed kg negotiable.
Titanium round ПТ3В
25 HR - kg contract.
40 PVP - kg contract.
45 to 54 PVP - kg dogs.
55 PVP - kg dog.
75 PVP - kg dog.


Under cover or in covered warehouses, where there is adequate protection against various mechanical and other damage.

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