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Tube copper annealed

Tube copper annealed


All pipes of this type are made of metal and are divided into a number of categories. The first and most important among them are copper pipe annealed. They are very often used in the production, due to high corrosion resistance, processability and other specified properties, which has annealed copper. So the pipe in this category is very popular. Unannealed copper pipe is also used for the construction of various objects in aggressive environments. The cost of the untreated copper pipes more acceptable.


Almost all water supply copper pipes have a high degree of resistance to corrosion, they are perfectly transporterowych any environment. The heating system or water that uses these products, you will have to work flawlessly for more than half a century, creating absolutely no problems and without requiring complex repairs and maintenance.

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Our company LLC «AVEK global» offers you two main types of these products:

— pipe annealed copper. In the process of manufacturing this type of pipe is heated to the level of 700 degrees, and then very suddenly cooled, and becomes the consummate plasticity;

— tube of unannealed copper. Pipe of this type is not so flexible, however, they are highly durable and serve for many years, providing trouble-free operation of the entire water network.

If you require assistance for selecting copper tube, please contact us in the company «AVEK global», and we will respond to any questions.