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Wire niobium

Wire niobium


Niobium in its pure form is plastic, and in a cold state are capable of rolling into a very thin strip without intermediate annealing (thickness 0.01 mm). The tensile strength of niobium at a temperature of 20−800°C changes little, and its relative elongation. Electromechanical properties extraordinary refractoriness (temp.PL.2468°C), make it possible to produce ribbon of niobium cathodes, anodes, grids vacuum devices. The minimum work function of electrons of niobium (of 4.01 EV — electron emission) than are used in vacuum technology similar refractory elements — molybdenum and tungsten. Niobium also has a high transition temperature in excess of the held state.

Physical properties of Nb
Atomic (molar) mass, g/mol 92,9
Oxidation 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Density [g/cm3] 8,57
The melting temperature t°C 2468°C
The heat of fusion kJ/mol 26,6
The thermal conductivity K [W/(m·K)] 53,7
Heat of evaporation kJ/mol 680

Niobium round is performed in the following assortment.

Mark of niobium Length Diameter OKP code
NB 1 400 — 1250 mm 150 mm 17 6333 0112 05
NB 1 400 — 1250 mm 120 mm 17 6333 0111 06
NB 1 400 — 1250 mm 250 mm 17 6333 0114 03
NB 1 400 — 1250 mm 200 mm 17 6333 0113 04


Niobium is quite an expensive metal. Metallic niobium dust irritates the eyes, skin and is flammable. Some of its compounds are very toxic. MPC of niobium is 0.01 mg/L. In case of contact with the human body, niobium can cause severe neuritis and further paralysis of the limbs.

Quality requirements

Samples of niobium may have minor irregularities and shrinkage, but they cannot exceed the boundaries of permissible dimensional deviations. In places where it is broken, the circle should remain whole, does not contain voids and foreign inclusions. The surface of wire can not have no cracks, needs to be clean. Slight deviations from the diameter and roughness.

Manufacture of wire and circle of niobium

Extraction of niobium is similar to tantalum mining, so they often get together. The main source of pure niobium for further processing is a concentrate, which roughly contains 8% of an oxide of niobium. The technology of manufacturing the wire and of the circle depends on their further use. In its composition the product can contain impurities, reinforcing the most important properties. Wire is often made to order, its diameter may be only a few microns. For the production of such products requires high-tech equipment, because the quality should be very high, the parameters are less than one micron. Circle and wire are standard forms of semi-finished products for further industrial applications. Thanks to extraordinary properties (high ductility, reliability, heat resistance and corrosion sverkhplastichnost), these types of hire is indispensable.


The niobium range is widely used in modern instrumentation, nuclear energy, rocketry, industrial chemistry. Because nibai has a very strong atomic bond, its melting point is very high and is 2468 °C.

The metal in the chemical industry has become a substitute for platinum. It is used in the manufacture of parts of appliances, heating and cooling devices, resistant to acids, contact with aggressive substances. Wire made of niobium is in the production of superconductors based on niobium-titanium and niobium-tin. Wire of siliceous niobium is used in electronics and wire Nabieva-manganese is used in the mercury rectifiers in the automotive and aircraft spark plugs.

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