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Metal hose. Flange connection

Metal hose. Flange connection


Metal hose — flexible hermetic bellows hoses of high pressure in a stainless single-layer or 2-layer braid of the 4657A series. They are intended for the transport of gases or liquids, for example, aggressive or explosive, for the joining of pipelines. The flexibility of corrugated metal structures extinguishes undesirable vibrational loads and noise.


The corrugated hose is produced with a single or double braid of stainless steel 08H18N10T and steel flange. Seamless thin-walled pipes are subjected to an external running-in along the helical line forming forming rings. Rolled metal hoses are made of steel tape 0.15−0.4 mm thick by the convolution method with a spiral with further contact-seam welding along the top of the corrugation. The ends are supplied with an end flange rotary, welded or collar reinforcement. For unloading the extreme corrugations on the braid, a glass is placed, covering the edge in the welding or soldering zone, it reduces the bending stress at the place where the reinforcement is closed.


Adhesion of aggregates and pipes having a large diameter of joints in the nodes, requiring a high degree of sealing. A metal hose can have Ø 40 — 250 mm and a length of 250 — 6000 mm. The choice of the size is based on the technical parameters of the equipment operation: temperature, working pressure. Dimensions are indicated, including the reinforcing flange part of the product. Flanged connections are used in all industries where flammable mixtures, gases, condensate, water are required, at extreme operating temperatures and pressures.


Compensate vibration, axial and thermal expansion, absorb technological fluctuations of operating equipment. Compensating qualities increase the service life of the pipeline systems. Strength, resistance to the influence of an aggressive environment allows the use of such a hose for pumping a wide variety of media.


It is necessary to determine the required length for installation work, since too short or long sleeves increase the risk of damage. The length of the sleeve must include neutral areas that are not subject to bending. The sleeve without regard to the neutral sections is installed in a straight line position, it is not allowed to move the ends of the sleeve relative to each other in a plane perpendicular to its axis.

Life time

Depends on the number of load cycles affecting it, pressure, temperature, vibration amplitude, frequency and nature of movements, minimum bend radius, corrosive influence of the surrounding and working environment.


When the hoses are connected to the pipeline with the help of flanges, the threaded pairs are tightened without the use of extensions. In the presence of fluoroplastic liners, an additional brace is performed every other day. During assembly work, sleeves are not allowed to slack, large free areas are additionally secured with clamps and supports.

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