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Magnetic-hard alloys

Magnetic-hard alloys

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General information about magnetic alloys

Among the magnetically-hard alloys are triple alloys of iron, cobalt and molybdenum (or tungsten).

Magnetically-solid materials can be permanently magnetized by a strong magnetic field. Steel and special alloys containing various amounts of aluminum, nickel, cobalt and copper are used to create permanent magnets.

Magnetic steels, now largely replaced by magnetically-hard alloys, include simple high-carbon (0.65… 1%) or high-carbon (0.7 to 1%) steels containing about 0.5% chromium and tungsten- tungsten magnetic steels necessarily contain cobalt.

Among the most common magnetically-hard alloys are:

Komol — has in its composition 7% molybdenum, 12% cobalt and 71% iron;

Indalloy and Remalloy, which have similar compositions: about 20% molybdenum, 12% cobalt and 68% iron;

Chromindur — has 28% chromium, 15% cobalt, the rest — iron, with a small amount of other elements that give the alloy increased strength and magnetic properties;

Alfer is a group of magnetic alloys containing iron and aluminum, but without cobalt. The composition of the alloy includes 25% nickel, 12% aluminum, the rest — iron.

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Classification of magnetically-hard alloys

Currently, in accordance with international classification standards, solid magnetic materials can be divided into materials with a solid magnetic alloy, solid magnetic ceramic materials and bound solid magnetic materials.

Three categories of solid magnetic materials can be divided into the following subcategories:

Basic solid magnetic materials:

Solid magnetic material AlNiCoTi

FeCrCo is a solid magnetic material

Solid magnetic material FeCoVCr

Solid magnetic material RE Cobald

Solid magnetic material RE FeB

Solid magnetic material PtCo

Solid magnetic material CuNiFe

Solid magnetic ceramic materials. The most common solid magnetic ceramic material (MOnFe2O3, M refers to barium, strontium and fused, and n can be any other element in the range of 4.5−6.5);

Bonded solid magnetic materials:

The bonded solid magnetic material NiCrFeTi

Bonded solid magnetic material RE Cobalt

Bonded solid magnetic material NdFeB

Bonded solid magnetic material from ferrite.

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