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Tape 68НХВКТЮ - ЭП578

Tape 68НХВКТЮ - ЭП578


Tape 68NKHVKTJU-VI is not magnetic and has high heat resistance, can long be operated at a temperature of 700−850°C in corrosive environments. At 800 °C in the relaxed atmosphere of the air oxidation rate of the tape is 0.03 mm/year.

Designation physical properties:

— the substance density (g/cm3)

— specific heat of heat (amount of heat required to increase temperature of 1 kg/ 1 gr. (Joule / kg-Kelvin)) — C

— the specific resistivity at t° 20 °C (ability to electrical conductivity (Ohm·mm2/m) — R

— operating temperature of alloy — T

— modulus of elasticity (MPa, young’s modulus) — E

— coefficient of linear thermal expansion (per 1°C) — and

The basic qualities

Tape is very economical and easily machinable. It is durable, aesthetic and reliable, making popular in many areas. It is plastic, resistant to oxidation, even in the atmosphere of nitrogen and ammonia, is widely used in electrical engineering. Tape 68NKHVKTJU-VI applies to precision high-temperature steels, which have predetermined characteristics of elasticity. The main drawback of this tape is the lack of stability of the atmosphere sulfur compounds. High price it is connected with high cost Nickel — base alloy component. Alloying components further increases the technological characteristics of the tape: heat resistance, the heat resistance, the ability to confront aggressive media. Doping of excess leads to the increase in the cost of the alloy, therefore, this process is done economically — the alloy must be inexpensive, and its performance should meet the requirements of GOST and technical conditions 14−1-4470−88… welding is carried out without restrictions. Tape 68NKHVKTJU-VI even with prolonged use at high temperatures, not subject to oxidation, which makes it very popular in many spheres of modern industry.

The chemical composition of the tape 68NKHVKTJU-VI, in percent.
Si C Fe Mn P S Ni Cr V W Ce Co Al Ti Nb - B Cu
to 0.4 to 0.05 to 1 to 0.4 to 0.015 0.01 55.402 — 63.5 18 — 20 to 0.2 9 — 10.5 to 0.05 5.5 — 6.7 1.3 — 1.8 2.7 — 3.2 to 0.2 B, Ce — calculation up to 0.003 to 0.07

Designation mechanical properties of the tape

contraction ratio (%) — y

— impact strength (kJ / m) — KCU

— material hardness Brinell (kgf/mm. sq) — HB

temporary fracture resistance (MPa) — sB

— the limit of proportionality (MPa) — sT

— elongation at tension (in %) — d5


Tape 68NKHVKTJU-VI is widely used in heaters for industrial furnaces. It is used in resistor elements, rheostats improved reliability. Also, the tape can be used for the heating of the edges of packaging knives, household, industrial air and water systems. Chemical resistance makes extensive use of such a tape in the petrochemical industry.

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