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Nickel silver - CuNi18Zn20 - cw409j pipe, sheet, tape

Nickel silver - CuNi18Zn20 - cw409j pipe, sheet, tape

Characteristics of Nickel silver

Modern products, which have become indispensable in everyday life, there is frequently a material called Nickel silver. This substance is represented by the alloy of copper, cobalt, zinc and Nickel in various proportions. Another name for Nickel silver — Nickel silver, new silver — more known and popular in society. But it’s worth noting that this alloy also contains impurities in the form of iron, lead, and other additives, but their share does not exceed permissible levels specified in GOST 492−2006.

Melchior MN 19

The main components Fe% Mn and Zn% Mg and C% S%+Pb%
Ni + Co Cu
18−20% Basis 0,5% 0.3% 0.05% 0,01% + 0.005% of

Melchior Mnzhmc30−1-1

The main components Zn, Fe and Mn% Si% Pb and C% S%
Ni + Co Cu
29−33% Basis 0.5−1% 0.15% of 0.05% 0,01%

The basic qualities

The characteristic colors of Nickel silver — white color with a yellowish or blue tint. Specific gravity is equal to 7.5 g/cm3, melts it starts at a temperature of 1024 °C. If you measure the hardness level of the, it will reach 80 kg/mm. Due to the different properties of substances included in the composition of the alloy, it acquires good resistance to corrosion, while significantly increasing the degree of strength and elasticity. Nickel silver is very plastic both cold and hot, and perfectly amenable to polishing. All these qualities depend on the content in the alloy of Nickel, which is responsible for corrosive properties of the material, as well as of copper, giving the material elasticity and viscosity.

Nickel silver MNC15−20

The main components Zn% As% P% Bi% Sb%
Ni Cu
13,5−16,5% Basis 18−22% 0,01% 0,005% 0.002%


In order to obtain high-quality alloy, it is necessary to observe many rules and regulations. Alloy ISC 15−20, 12−24 mnts, mnts 18−27, mnts 18−20 standardized criteria GOST 492−2006 and are represented by different rods, sheets, pipes, wire, strips and tapes. Grades differ in content of Nickel and zinc. So, brand ISC 15−20 consists of 13,5−16,5% Nickel and 18−22% zinc. This ratio this type of alloy is a solid solution, it is called a single-phase alloy. One of its most important properties is that it is good to handle in hot or cold state by pressure. If an alloy is made Cutlery, to prevent metallic taste in the operation, cover them with a thin layer of gold or silver.

Coverage rates are as follows: 24,00 µm (allowable deviation in the range of 3.60 µm), suitable for Cutlery; 18,00 µm (deviation to 2.70 µm) — cover handles of knives. If the layer of gold is applied to silver, its thickness is approximately 0,500 µm. Rules, which produced Cutlery, regulated in GOST 24320−80.


The most frequent use of Nickel silver finds its application in the production of commodities. This alloy is indispensable in the manufacture of medical instruments, as is well disinfected and does not enter into reactions. He is also part of the electrical parts is an important part of precision instruments. Nickel silver is used in the production of artistic products and Nickel silver tableware and equipment operating through a system of water and steam. In the old expensive silver products are also called «paktong». Hence, gone are the names such things as the Chinese cupronickel or silver. For the manufacture of jewelry and various decorative things used alloy brand ISC 15−20, which provides excellent strength and durability.

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