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Manganin - CuMn12Ni - 2.1362 wire, round, sheet, strip

Manganin - CuMn12Ni - 2.1362 wire, round, sheet, strip

General characteristics

All have become very popular today products made of manganin. Manganin is a special alloy based on Nickel and manganese. There is a classification of manganin depending on the percentage content of cobalt and Nickel (2,5 — 3,5%) (Co+Ni), manganese (11,5 — 13,5%) and copper (85%). The main characteristics, the main brand of manganin Kg, 3−12 are the low temperature coefficients of resistance, the electrical resistance has a fairly high degree. An important property also supports a relatively small thermoelectric power paired with copper.

Manganin Kg, 3−12

The main components Pb% S% Fe% C% Ni+Co%
Mn Cu
3,5−11,5% Basis 0.02% 0,5% 0.05% of 2,5−3,5%

Manganin Mnmag 3−12−0,3−0,3

The main components Al% Fe% C% Ni+Co%
Mn Cu
Of 11.5−13.5% Basis 0,2−0,4% 0,2−0,5% --- 2,5−3,5%

The basic qualities

Starting to work with manganin, need to be familiar with some of its very important properties. It is worth to note that the maximum temperature level at which operation is possible manganin, up to +300°C. in Order to achieve greater efficiency in the use, be sure to adjust the level of humidity, since manganin is very sensitive to changes of this kind. For this reason, there is a risk of corrosion if the atmosphere is dominated by the pair, and acids. In connection with all sorts of mechanical stress, which is the winding wire, there is a change in the structure of the alloy, which leads in turn to a rearrangement of the molecules, to change the location of the components. Therefore, after prolonged use, manganin may change its resistance. Given all of the above readings, you can extend the lifetime of products made from this material.


For the grade alloy Mnmag 3−12−0,3−0,and 3 Kg, 3−12 main product is wire. Production of normalized GOST 492−2006, the requirement of Nickel alloys and of Nickel and Nickel-copper exposed to pressure treatment. To stabilize the electric characteristics in vacuum, the alloys undergo a special heat treatment in which they can be used at a maximum temperature of +200°C, unlike the wild varieties that can withstand 60−80°C. Due to the processing of all properties of alloys stabiliziruemost, this increases the degree of homogeneity of the alloy.


Given all the positive qualities of manganin, as well as the possible problems that can occur with the use of manganin, consider its scope, which is quite extensive. This alloy is most commonly used in the manufacture of electrical measuring instruments, sample resistances. With his participation are manufactured as shunt and bridge schemes. Manganin has a low resistance under conditions of room temperature. Therefore, it is indispensable for the development and production of devices a high level of accuracy. An example of such tools can be called a resistor.

Enterprises engaged in the production of solid (PMT) and soft (PMM) of wires whose diameter is in the range of 0.02 — 6 mm, such tapes, of a width not exceeding 270 mm in thicknesses up to 0.08 mm, called the manganin alloy as its main raw material, ideal for the manufacture of these products. Popular types of winding wires presented on the production of a wide range. Most popular winding wire in enamel insulation (PMMT and PMMM), insulated wire coating which is a natural silk (PSTMT and PSDM), as well as wire with only one layer of natural silk, while the insulation on some of the goods has enamel coating (PASAT and PASAM).

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