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ХН68ВКТЮ - ЭП578 sheet, round, wire

ХН68ВКТЮ - ЭП578 sheet, round, wire

The features of doping

Steel ХН68ВКТЮ-VI (ЭП578-VI) — resistant brand, which basically contains 68% Nickel, followed by the content of chromium, the remainder is copper, tungsten, aluminum, titanium. The purpose of alloying is to improve the technological properties of products: heat resistance and heat resistance, the ability to confront aggressive media. Excessive doping increases the cost of the alloy, therefore, this process is economically: the steel must be manufacturable, and its operational performance should meet the required level. Heat-resistant steel brands ХН68ВКТЮ-VI — is the embodiment of optimal balance of cost and quality.


Steel production is carried out in an open arc furnace. Rolling is performed at a temperature of 1100 °C at the beginning of the process, and 800 °C upon its completion. Steel after deformation cooled. In accordance with the first mode is cooled in water, oil or air, and according to the second mode — the cooling is with water, followed by aging products 4−4. 5 hours. Bars and round steel ХН68ВКТЮ-VI produced hot-rolled method and by using calibration — to make products precise outer diameter. Welding of steel ХН68ВКТЮ-VI is carried out with the help of electrodes KTI-762.


High-temperature alloys of this type are widely used in the production of various products. The most popular are pipes, round, rod. They are applied in power engineering industry (manufacture of machinery and equipment for power) in missile and space and aviation technology. The equivalent thermal resistance is the ability of alloy to withstand mechanical stresses for a certain period of time at temperatures above 600 °C. Circles and pipes of alloy ХН68ВКТЮ-VI is designed for operation at a temperature of about 1050 °C. When you create in your home comfort and warmth, many people set up fireplaces, which require chimneys heat resistant, resistant to weather vagaries. Without the heat pipes not to do and in industrial production. The joints in this case should have the same requirements for heat resistance and heat resistance, and depend on the choice of welding materials, welding modes, heat treatment at the end of the process.

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Large assortment of rolled stainless steel in stock LLC «AVEK global» can satisfy any consumer. Alloy ХН68ВКТЮ-VI is one of the most popular types of steel products, due to the low price and large number of variations. The quality of the finished product is ensured absolute compliance with all technological norms of production. The order execution time is the shortest. If you have any questions, you will receive detailed advice from experienced managers. For wholesale orders the company provides flexible system of discounts.