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Sheet, rod, circle PT-7M

Sheet, rod, circle PT-7M

Alloy grade PT are similar to titanium alloys, which are designed KM research Institute «Prometheus» for marine use. These alloys composition does not match the common alloys and aerospace applications.

Production and value of sheet PT-7M
Prefabricated Plasticity of δ% Strength (MPa) Heat treatment KCU j/cm3
Sheet 1 to 2 mm More than 20% 490 — 640 Annealing ---
Sheet of 2−3 mm More than 20% 500 — 650 Annealing ---

The heat resistance of sheet PT-7M

Prefabricated Thickness (mm) t° annealing t°C The creep strength of (0.2/100)
ПТ7М sheet 1 mm 600° — 650°C 250° 275
350° 235
400° 177

The heat resistance of the alloy is characterized by the maximum stress (creep strength) under the impact of which at this temperature the material is deformed to the required value. The sheet resistance of PT-7M strongly dependent on the cooling rate after heat treatment. The greatest resistance is achieved by cooling with an intermediate rate between the cooling water and furnace.

Long-term strength of sheet PT-7M
Prefabricated t°C Long-term strength (MPa)  
100 h  
ПТ7М sheet 1mm 350° 284  
250° 314  
400° 226  

Long-term strength of the alloy is characterized by the maximum tension which destroys the material at a given temperature, after a certain amount of time. It follows that the greater the duration of the load and the higher the temperature, the tensile strength is less.

The physical characteristics of PT-7m
The temperature at which the received data characteristics, °C 20°C
Coefficient of thermal conductivity at 200 °C [1/ °C] 10,5
Density [g/cm3] 4,49
The modulus of elasticity of 1 of the kind E [MPa]x10-5 1,12

Limit crackbrain. strength sin [MPa] Sheet


Limit crackbrain. strength sin [MPa] Rod

Electrical resistivity, Mhmm2/m Of 1.08

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