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02Х18Н11 - sheet, round, wire

02Х18Н11 - sheet, round, wire

General characteristics

Brand 02Х18Н11 relates to Nickel-chromium alloys austenitic. Has a high resistance to intergranular corrosion of the base metal and welded joints operated in hostile environments at t° to 80 °C. Used in the manufacture of welded equipment for the synthesis of nitric acid of high concentration (65%), for the manufacture of nitrophoska, extraction phosphoric acid, etc. compounds, which are characterized by increased aggressiveness.

The chemical composition of the alloy 02Х18Н11.

Ni C Mn Fe Cr P Si S
10,5−12,5 ≤0,025 ≤2 DOS. 17−19 ≤0,03 ≤0,2 ≤0,02


Regulated by the following GOST: 1133−71, 5582−76, 5632−72 and specifications: 14−1-1160−74, 14−1-1180−74, 14−1-2144−77, 14−1-2450−78, 14−1-490−72, 14−1-3652−83, 14−1-3071−80, 14−4-3071−80. Steel is smelted in electric arc furnaces. Classified as stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, plain, heat-resistant steel. It is available to any processing methods can cut at lower rpm.

Physical properties at 20°C

— The thermal conductivity of 0,134 · 102 W/(m · K).

— Specific gravity: 7.7 g/cm3

— The modulus of elasticity of 17.8 x 10-4 N/mm2

— Coefficient of thermal linear expansion of 10.1x10-6/°C

— Specific electrical resistivity of 0.75 Omhm2/m

Hardness HB 200 MPa -1.

— Magnetic permeability 1,255 micro Tesla/m


Made the following types of rentals: circle, tube, wire, sheet, ribbon. During plastic deformation in the initial stage the temperature range equal to 1170 °C, and in the finally — about 900 °C. welding is possible in manual and automatic way. In the process of manual electric arc welding using electrodes OzL-24 with wire rod 02Х17Н14С4. This type of filler material is also used for automatic arc and TIG welding. To protect the welds, apply a final heat treatment.


Production of welded chemical equipment for the synthesis of mineral fertilizers, heat exchangers, reactors, pipelines. The production of containers which are operated in wet-process phosphoric, 55% sulfuric acid and acetic acid increased, and other aggressive environments at temperatures up to 80 °C. the Manufacture of welding wire and welding electrodes SV-02Х8Н22С6, demand for connections of fittings, joints in the piping weld repair equipment that operates in a radioactive environment. Steel 02Х18Н116 used as a cladding layer in the production of hot rolled dual-layer corrosion-resistant sheets, tsentrobezhnolityh pipes, coils for tubular furnaces and installations for the production of ethylene, ammonia, carbon disulphide.

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