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Tinned electrical wire

Tinned electrical wire


Copper electrical wire for welding is one of the indispensable components for vypolneniya variety of work. Use it as a necessary additional element, which is made of electrical circuit. It is relevant in a variety of industries, especially in shipbuilding, engineering, metal.

Copper welding wire is one of the most popular materials for the manufacture of electrodes. For example, the welding wire of the brand СВ08А is used as the core for the electrodes. Such wire is coated with a special composition and then it gets covered with the electrode. Use it as a consumable electrode. Such electrodes are used during semi-automatic electric arc welding.

Semi-automatic electric arc welding

During welding the arc burns between the base product and the end of the welding wire, which is continuously melted. With the help of a special mechanism in the zone of the arc wire is fed with the speed with which it melts. Next, the molten metal enters the bath and then formed seam. It is very important that when using the welding wire, you will reduce a semi-automatic arc welding, and therefore industrial costs.


Welding wire used for automatic welding, it is divided into 2 versions: liquid and solid. There are 2 methods of isolation of the welding wire is self-shielded and gas-protective.

Shielding gases

There are a number of benefits if you use welding wire in shielding gases. Namely, a very high specific heat flux, by which is obtained a narrow zone of thermal influence. You can influence the weld metal by adjusting the composition of the welding wire. There is a possibility of mechanization and automation of welding process. With the help of the welding wire is achieved by high productivity welding.

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