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W-2 SV titanium welding wire

W-2 SV titanium welding wire

Characteristics of welding titanium wire brand Vt2sv.

Grade of titanium alloy: Vt2sv
Classification of alloy: Wrought titanium alloy
Industrial application of alloy: production of titanium welding wire

Chemical properties of alloy grade Vt2sv percent, according to GOST 27265−87

N O H Al Ti Si C Fe Impurities
to 0.04 to 0.12 to 0.03 2 — 3 96.36 — 97.7 to 0.1 to 0.05 to 0.15 other 0.3

Note: the base of the alloy is titanium; the interest of its contents are estimated in the table.

Assortment Size d5 blower SB sT Eg. y KCU Heat treatment.
- mm % MPa MPa - % kJ / m2 -
Titanium welding wire according to GOST 27265−87   13 460−655          

Mechanical characteristics of welding titanium wire brand Vt2sv (temperature 20oC).

The physical characteristics of welding titanium wire brand Vt2sv.

Grad kg/m3 W/(m·deg) Ohm·m MPa 1/Deg J/(kg·deg)
T r 18.85 R 10 9 E 10— 5   C
20 4505     1.12 8.2  
100   l     a 106 540

Mechanical characteristics

The yield stress at permanent deformation (thinning of proportionality), [MPa] sT
Brinell hardness [MPa] HB
The relative contraction [ % ] y
Tensile strength (short-term) in [MPa] blower SB
At break elongation in [ % ] d5
The toughness of the alloy, in [ kJ / m2] KCU


Diameter titanium wire Vt2sv The depth of the defect in the wire brand Vt2sv shall be not more
1,0 -
1,2 -
1,4 -
1,6 0,4
1,8 0,4
2,0 0,4
2,5 0,5
3,0 0,5
3,5 0,6
4,0 0,6
5,0 0,7
6,0 0,8
7,0 0,8

Wire produced in degassed, etched condition. Ovality welding titanium wire can not be greater than its diameter for maximum deviations. The surface of wire should be clean, bright, without reproterol, dark spots, tint. Allowed on its surface, minor tears, with dark pprotray. The surface of the welding wire may have small tears, small risks, sunsets with a depth not exceeding the dimensions given in the table.

Note. Valid on the surface of the wire in the presence of small individual defects in the wire diameter up to 3.0 mm deep, exceeding the limit of 0.1 mm, and the diameter over 3.0 mm — 0.2 mm.

The correction of impurities, surface defects by means of etching, Stripping to degassing of the wire. Allowed in the future, Stripping only a small unit of pollution. It also allowed the etching separate bays with subsequent degassing repeated.

The total marked macrosections exceeding the depth of the defects in the metallographic process control can not be higher than 10% of the total macrosections of a controlled party.


Titanium wire winded into a coil. Its outer diameter is 900 mm. the Coils of wire in the Bay should not adhere to each other and to have bends of up to 100°. Waviness titanium wire, which occurs upon annealing of the coils, is not a sign of marriage.

Mass Bay together with wire cannot be more than 50 kg. In case of drawing up of the Bay from several pieces, the length of each of them shall not be less than 10 m.

Mechanical characteristics of titanium wire must fully comply with the requirements specified in the table.

Grade titanium alloy B elongation, % not less Wire diameter, mm Yield strength b MPa (kgf\mm sq)
Vt2sv 13,0 from 1.6 to 7.0 incl. 460−655 (47−67)

Marking the wire:

Each coil of wire shall have a label fixed to it showing:

-batch number and melting;

a hallmark of technical control;

-date of issue;

-names of the manufacturer and trademark:

-the legend of the wire;

the designation of the present standard.

Packing of wire.

Each coil of wire shall be tightly bound with soft wire of titanium in three places, packaged in a clean paper on top wrapped in burlap. Wrap Bay allowed using synthetic mesh, or plastic film whose thickness according to GOST 10354−82 is 100 — 200 µm without paper pre-packaging. Wire Packed in the Bay tied natural or synthetic twine in accordance with the requirements of normative-technical documentation.


not limited — welding is carried out without further heat treatment and without heating
weldability with limitations — welding is possible when heated to a temperature of 100−120 °C and further heat treatment
hard-welded — to obtain a quality weld, additional operations: during welding -preheating to a temperature of 200−300°C, heat treatment after welding — annealing

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