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Lens compensator

Lens compensator

Lens compensators

Lens compensators are necessary to neutralize the temperature fluctuations of round pipelines, rectangular gas ducts. Operated only in conditions of non-aggressive or slightly aggressive environments. They are manufactured according to the OCT for the axial type of lens compensators Ø 1−220 cm, used to compensate for the temperature elongations of pipeline systems in the axial direction. In addition, they are equipped with a protective inner casing in the form of a glass or a sleeve, which protects the corrugation or lenses from all kinds of mechanical impurities that pass together with the working medium.

Main characteristics:

  • The conditional pressure, which is directly proportional to the vacuum, does not exceed 10 MPa;
  • The operating temperature is in the range -240 ° C + 1000 ° C;

There are two types of lens compensators:

  • Flanged
  • For welding.

Axial lens compensators

Used by any industry in the following environments: steam, water, non-corrosive media, whose pressure does not exceed 1.6 MPa, 0.6 MPa and 1 MPa, respectively. The device has a fairly simple design: a pair of half-lenses welded together on tops. To avoid moisture accumulation in the tops, the expansion joints are equipped with condensate drainage. To prevent lens clogging, there is an inner protective sleeve. The indicator of the compensating power of the device depends on the number of lenses — the more of them, the higher the compensating power.

Angular lens expansion joints

Compensate the temperature changes along the length of pipelines Z-, G-, and U-shaped, operating in the steam and water environments, where the temperature can reach 425 ° C. They have a simple design — half-lenses, supplemented by a hinged scheme, thanks to which the device is displaced to a certain angle. Equipped with an intensifying pillow. Compensation is measured not in millimeters, but in minutes or degrees.

Angular double lens compensators

The principle of their work is similar to the principle of conventional angle compensators. However, the hinge arrangement is completely different, which allows them to be used to neutralize both shear and angular displacements. Used in low-aggressive and non-aggressive environments, where the pressure does not fall below 1.6 MPa, and the temperature does not rise above 425 ° C.

Lens compensators are the best assistants of thermal engineers and power engineers. According to the requirements of OST, these devices are made of rough steel, but the possibility of using the alloy 09G2S and stainless steel is not ruled out. In the latter case, the maximum temperature should not exceed 550 ° C.

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