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36NICRTIAL - эи702 pipe

36NICRTIAL - эи702 pipe


Qualities grade 36NICRTIAL relates to precision alloys and method of manufacture — a subgroup of corrosion-resistant dispersion-hardening alloys. Composed of three major components — iron, chromium, and Nickel with additions of titanium and aluminum. The content of Ni is about 35 — 37%, Ti — 2,7 — 3,2%, Cr — 11,5 — 13%, the proportion of AL is 0.9 — 1.2%, and the rest is iron and additives of manganese and silicon.


This precipitation-hardenable non-magnetic corrosion-resistant alloy, has a temporary resistance load 120 to 160 kgf/mm2 (1180−1570 MN/m2), has normal elasticity modulus 19000−20000 kgf/mm2 (186500−196000 MN/m2). Used in the manufacture of elastic elements of precision sensors, operating at t° to 250 °C. is allowed to contact with aggressive media. Possesses heat resistance, has considerable resistance to loads at high temperatures. These qualities depend on a strong relationship of atoms in the crystal structure of the compound. 36NICRTIAL used as a structural material for the manufacture of parts of internal combustion engines, gas turbines, steam turbines, jet engines and nuclear boilers.

Pipe 36NICRTIAL resistant to corrosion in a gaseous environment and in the air by strong heating. It is generally used for various light duty power plants, thermal devices where important components with significant resistance. Doping with silicon, chromium, aluminum to withstand corrosive environments, as when heated, these substances are able to form a protective film on the surface of very hard oxides.

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