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Mirror stainless steel pipe

Mirror stainless steel pipe


Tube mirror stainless steel is polished to a mirror finish the surface of the highest quality, which does not allow dirt to adhere. It is noticeable the slightest defects. Have electropolishing surface increases the ratio Fe/Cr, which increases corrosion resistance. Increases mechanical strength by reducing areas of stress concentration. The greatest resistance have complex alloyed alloys with a high content of Nickel, copper, molybdenum, silicon. Grade with the required set of properties is selected depending on specific conditions (concentration of aggressive factors, the operating temperature).


Internal rough surface eliminates the use of mirrored tubes (welded by using high-frequency HF welding) in medicine, food industry and pipelines, operating under pressure.


Mirror pipes are manufactured from grades — 316 AISI, 304 AISI (in limited positions) standard: DIN 72263, DIN 17457. DIN 722263 standardizes the quality of pipes produced by high frequency HF-welding from strip (stainless band). The speed of welding, the HF is up to 40 m/min, which significantly lowers the cost of the product. Despite the fact that these pipes are ideal for welded structures, they are not suitable for the food industry. Although the price is a third lower than TIG welding, but welded HF-seam is 20% less durable than the basic material.


Welding — TIG (Tungset Inert gas) gives the absolute strength of the welded seam, thickness 25 mm. equals flush Seam according to DIN 17457. The joint surface becomes more rough than heat treated steel. For the food industry inseam must undergo additional finish sanding. Mirror stainless steel pipe of this type, as, SS, DIN 11850 can be heat treated (bright annealed), processing by grinding, chemical treatment (etching).

The surface of tubes Purity grinding, micron.
surface of the inner seam weld 1,6
The outer surface of the pipe less than 1.0
The main material of the pipes 0,5 — 0,8

Mirror polished pipe grinding units, number of brushes is at least 5, usually 6) using a polishing paste for 1−2 end brushes. Grain size during grinding should be 600 grit or more. From the inside (and outside) can be polished by electrochemical method, known as process variable plating", or «the process chemical. processing», which is much more efficient than conventional machining. Electropolishing smooths out the defects, attach steel mirror Shine. The right balance of current and electrolyte temperature are needed to remove the defects of high density electric current, forming an absolutely smooth surface.


The Shine of the polished pipe looks very attractive. They are popular in the design of offices, bars, shopping malls, residential buildings. Their aesthetics is also important in sanitary (e.g., sewer systems).

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