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Brass car GOST

Brass car GOST

General characteristics

Chemical composition of brass is divided into 2 types: complex and simple. The main element of this alloy is copper. The more the composition of zinc, the higher will be the overall strength. The composition may be up to 45% Zn. Alloys Zn + Cu is called double or simple. Complex alloys that contain lead, manganese — more easily handled. Due to the phosphorus increases the hardness. Nickel increases the chemical resistance. Tin — resistance to the aquatic environment. Silicon and aluminium — strength, but aluminum reduces the ductility. Iron gives fine-grained structure parts increases durability.

Brass Lzhmc59−11

The main components Pb% Fe% Mn% Sn%
Si Zn
57−60% 37,05 41.5 per cent 0,2% 0.6% to 1.2% 0,5−0,8% 0,3%-0,7%


The strength of brass is much higher than that of copper, and better castability. Brass lends itself well to soldering, welding. Sheet brass car — enough plastic, easily deformed, available to any machining. It is used in hazardous industries. Brass itself is ecologically completely harmless.


The degree of hardness distinguish solid, semi-solid, soft alloys. The separation depends on the magnitude of the pressure required for cold deformation of metal. It can vary from 30 to 64 kg/mm2. Color brass is red and yellow, it depends on the amount of zinc. If a lot, then the alloy will be yellow. this type is usually used in the household. And the red brass has higher ductility. It contains more copper. Form brass car can be in the form of a circle, tape, sheet, wire, pipe, hexagon.


Engineering, construction, plumbing. Decorative products for interior, musical instruments, for example, the shock plates. In mechanical engineering use brass nuts, bolts, screws, bearings, bushings. Complex alloys, where there is tin, used in shipbuilding, thanks to the corrosion resistance. Brass is used for chemical equipment, parts of aircrafts, ships, spacecraft, the creation of combat equipment and ammunition, typographic matrices.


Brass car includes about 200 profiles, Ø from 7 to 40 mm. It produce hot-rolled or cold-rolled method. Round rental available measuring length. Horizontal casting is the phase of the broach with further calibration, it increases the accuracy of the outer sections, and also provides automatic lines metal processing. The most popular brands: LS59−1 — «shipuchka» (consists of 40% Zn, 59% Cu and 1% Pb), and L63 — «toffee» (to 37.5% Zn and 65% Cu) used for the production of circles or hexagons,

Brass L63

The main components Pb% Fe% P% Sb% Bi%
Si Zn
62−65% 34,22−37,5% 0,07% 0,2% 0,01% Of 0.005% and 0.002%

Hexagon is high and normal accuracy… Brass bars produce a semi-hard, soft, hard. Used for production hardware. A round rod is of three degree of precision: high, normal, or high. In marking all items are indicated in capital letters, and then specify the percentage of the alloy base. For example, L63, this brass, which contains 63% Cu, the rest — zinc. If the content of Zn exceeds 20%, the alloy is prone to cracking. To avoid this, use an annealing at t° 175−300°C. the parts were available cold deformation, using a single-phase brass. It is made of tape, radiator tubes, wire. And if the items are manufactured at temperatures above 500 °C, the use of two-phase brass. From it are made the sheets and bars.

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