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Mirror stainless steel sheet

Mirror stainless steel sheet


Mirror stainless steel sheet offers significant corrosion resistance, which distinguishes it from black metal. The advantages are very attractive external appearance, good processability. It is easily installed and does not require a long time to repair, replace, has a high wear resistance. It is widely used in all industries: construction, modern design, interior decoration, medicine, pharmaceuticals. Used for the production of chemical and food containers. Indispensable when working in high temperature aggressive environments. When compared with the ferrous metals with the same strength of stainless steel with less weight.


The production processes can be hot-rolled and cold-rolled method. Thickness of cold rolled sheet of 0.4 — 5 mm. HR — 2 — 50 mm, precision rolling sheet can be: high — A normal — B accuracy and flatness: very high flatness — SOFTWARE, high — PV and normal — PN. Steel cold-rolled sheet for General purpose has two degrees of traction — deep — G and normal — N; and on three degrees of quality of the surface and cold stamping has four degrees of quality. High quality coating is performed by means of cold rolling followed by bright annealing and mirror training. American is denoted by the abbreviation «VA» in accordance with European standard EN 10008−2, a mirror coating treatment is classified as 2R.


Mirror steel surface looks very impressive. It has become a symbol of modern design hi — tech style. Widely used by modern architects for external, internal furnish of premises. Not less popular such sheet in the medical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, chemical and food tanks. It withstands high temperatures, contact with aggressive environment.

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