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Nickel 200, 2.4066 sheet, strip

Nickel 200, 2.4066 sheet, strip

UNS N02200, Nickel 200

Alloy Nickel 200 is composed of 99.2% chemically pure Nickel. This grade has a low content of gas impurities, excellent mechanical qualities, high conductivity, thermal conductivity and minimal magnetic properties. Such purity and advantages of the composition of the alloy Nickel 200 makes it a unique industrial material having at a temperature of Nemea 315 °C high resistance to various aggressive environments.

Properties of grade Nickel 200

The alloy has high corrosion resistance in distilled water, in alkaline and neutral salt solution. Using the method of hot forming of semi-finished products are created different shapes, the same cold forming is performed by any known methods. To date, the rolled alloy is given by the following forms: circle, welded and seamless tubes, wire, plates, sheets, fittings, flanges and forgings.

Chemical composition of Nickel 200.
C Mn Al S Si Cr Mo Ni Cu Cb+Ta Co Ti Fe P
0,15 0,35   0,01 0,35     basis 0,25       0,4

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