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Metal hose, characteristics and use

Metal hose, characteristics and use

general characteristics

Metal hose is corrugated flexible hermetic pipelines, equipped with end armature and braided. Are intended for transportation of gas, liquids under pressure, including explosive or aggressive. Flexibility of the sleeve is ensured by a corrugated part made of high-alloyed corrosion-resistant steel, and the reinforcing element is a metal braid, which makes it possible to operate the product at high pressure. It is produced from 6 to 350 mm in diameter and from 0.2 m to 6 m in length. If the length exceeds 2 m, it is allowed to make individual segments using stiff connecting elements, which are mounted on the supports during installation. The corrugated sheath is manufactured using two methods:

  • The formation of a welded or seamless tube with a wall thickness of 0.1 to 0.5 mm.
  • The method of winding profiled tape with simultaneous welding of contact-roller seam with welding along the tops of the corrugation.


For hermetic connection to the rigid pipelines of ground and ship equipment. Used for transportation of gases and liquids, for example: hydrogen, nitrogen, xenon and oxygen, at temperatures from -250 to 550 ° C and pressure up to 600 atm. In the shipbuilding, metallurgical, automotive, machine tool, oil industry. Maintain a vacuum in the system layout of nuclear boilers.

Advantages of products are determined by:

  • Number of braids, performing the function of reinforcement,
  • The profile of the corrugated part, the height and pitch of the corrugations, their number by one unit of length,
  • An index of wall thickness,
  • Fabrication material.

Metal hoses provide absorption of equipment vibration during transportation of liquid, gaseous media at ultrahigh, high and low temperatures. They provide reliable connection to the movable pipeline, compensate for temperature changes, inaccuracies in installation.

Duration of service life

Depends on the number of cycles of movement and return to the starting position under the influence of pressure, temperature, frequency and amplitude of vibration, vibration and torsion load. The pulsations of the working medium in the fuel and hydraulic systems, caused by the gear and plunger pumps, lead to premature deterioration and destruction of the shell. In this case, damping devices are introduced into the system. To prevent a hydraulic shock, the use of metal hoses in pipelines to pump the working mixture at a speed of more than 8 m / s for liquid and 50 m / s for gases is not allowed.


It is produced in such a way that the system does not have large sections with an unclosed pipeline. Metal hammers working in a horizontal plane are installed on special supports, trays, use clamps and other devices. When docking with flanged ends or with PTFE gaskets, the tightening is done in pairs in pairs, and the threaded pairs are tightened with the keys without the use of extension cords.

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