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Buy titanium alloy AT3 stock in Ukraine - LLC

Buy titanium alloy AT3 stock in Ukraine - LLC

Characteristics of alloy grade AT3.

Make a titanium alloy: AT3
Classification of alloy: Titanium wrought alloy
Industrial application of the alloy: production of semi-finished products (sheets, strips, foils, sheets, plates, bars, pipes, bars, forgings, extrusions, extruded billets) in a strain

The chemical properties of alloy grade AT3 percent, according to GOST 19807 — 91

Al N H Ti Si C Fe Cr O Impurities
2 — 3.5 to 0.05 up to 0.008 94.65 — 97.1 0.2 — 0.4 0.1 0.2 — 0.5 0.2 — 0.5 up to 0.15 other 0.3

Note: Titanium is a base; its percentage specified in the table given.

The mechanical characteristics of the alloy grade AT3 (temperature 20 ° C).

Assortment Size Eg. sre sT Heat treatment. y KCU d5
Stove, according to GOST 23755−79 11 — 60   590     12 450 8
- mm - MPa MPa - % kJ / m2 %
Rod according to GOST 26492−85     590   Annealing 35 400 15

The physical characteristics of the alloy grade AT3.

T E 10 — 5 a 10 6 l r C R September 10
Hail MPa 1/Grade W / (m · ° K) kg/m3 J / (kg · Grade) Ohm-m
20       4505    


Mechanical characteristics:

Tensile stress at the residual strain (thinning of proportionality), [MPa] sT
Brinell hardness in [MPa] HB
Reduction of area, [%] y
Tensile strength (short), in [MPa] sre
Elongation at break, in [%] d5
Impact strength of the alloy in [kJ / m 2] KCU
Physical characteristics:
The temperature in the process where the data characteristics, [Grade] T
The coefficient of linear thermal expansion in the temperature range of 20o, in [1/Grade] ?
The density of the alloy in the [kg/m3] ?
1 Modulus, [MPa] E
Beats Specific heat of the alloy in the temperature range of 20o, in [J / (kg · Grade)] C
The heat capacity of the alloy (thermal conductivity), [W / (m · Grade)] l
Specific electrical resistance, [Ohm · m] R


Unlimited — Welding is carried out without further heat treatment and unheated
weldability with limitations — Can weld when heated to a temperature of 100−120 ° C and further heat treatment
hard-weldable — In order to obtain high-quality welds, additional operations: during the welding process-heating to a temperature of 200−300 ° C, heat treatment at the end of welding — a joke

Properties of titanium wrought alloy and its application.

With the doping characteristics of titanium increases the corrosion resistance and its strength characteristics at 2−3. One of the main alloying elements in industrial titanium alloys, aluminum is present in almost all alloys based on these metals. The most important alloying components are followed aluminum vanadium molybdenum. Heat-resistant titanium alloys are based on ternary system — titanium-aluminum-molybdenum and the high-strength titanium alloys System — titanium-aluminum-vanadium. Most modern titanium alloys because of the trend established multi doping simultaneously in a composition containing aluminum, vanadium, molybdenum.

In addition, titanium and its alloys, paramagnetic, quite easily welded and has some properties which play a number of important technical industries. All the advantages of titanium alloys have great potential in their application of engineering industries where high specific strength, heat resistance, combined with high corrosion resistance. This primarily applies to such industrial sectors as aviation, food, chemical, shipbuilding, rocket science, transport machinery. Some specific features of titanium are now of great interest as a structural material in the manufacture of spacecraft.

Price. Buy.

Titanium mill products, which is implemented by LLC «Avek Global» titanium grade AT3 able to fully satisfy all demands of customers. The popularity of this type of products made of titanium alloy, due to the high quality of the product, its real value and great variety. Produced by our company all products of this alloy is produced under the absolute control of any process step, thus providing a 100% guarantee of quality of manufactured metal products. The company «Avek Global» has all the facilities for the production of quality products customized, non-standard options and different sizes. Technological capabilities of all production stages allow for the production of the individual order in the absence of the required type of product in the standard version, and, if necessary, in another embodiment of metal.