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FROM-4 pipe

FROM-4 pipe


Titanium alloys are classified according to the configuration of the crystal lattice in the form hexahedron — α-lattice in the shape of a cube — β, mixed state — α+β. Titanium alloys OT4−0, OT4−1, OT-4 belong to the pseudo α-alloys. They are hardened thermally and divided into 2 groups — high-tech low-strength and super high strength α-alloys.The first contain a low concentration of β-stabilizers, a small percentage of aluminium, that allows to keep high technology close to pure titanium. Such alloys lend themselves well to any type of welding.

Alloy Manganese Aluminium Mo equivalent in % Al equivalent %
OT4−0 0,8 0,8 1,3 1,8
OT4−1 1 0,5 1,7 2,5
-4 1,5 4 2,5 5,0
Application and benefits of OT4−1, OT4−0, OT4.
Alloy Melting point, °C Specific gravity, g/cm3 Technology Properties Application
OT4−1 910−950 4,55 Easy deformiruemym in a cool, hot and easily welded by all types of welding. High workability and a medium strength Sheathing and structural and material, thin-walled parts of complex shape.
OT4−0 860−930 Of 4.51 Easy deformiruemym cold, hot, cooks well and is possible at room temperature stamping. High technology and low strength. During hot pressure treatment, the manganese improves the workability High-tech parts cold forming.
OT4 920−960 4,55 Easy deformiruemym in a hot, partially cold, well welded, it is possible to stamping heated. High content of aluminum increases strength but decreases workability. Average strength. Sheathing and structural and material, stamping, parts, aircraft operating long-term up to 400°

Sheets, strips, strip, rods, forging, forgings are semi-finished products of alloy OT-4, OT4−1, OT4−0. Wire and pipes predominantly made of OT4−1, OT4−0. From the OT4 alloy are also produced hollow profiles, panels, ring details.

pipe OT4−0 Heat treatment Thickness (mm) Plasticity of δ% Strength (MPa) KCU j/cm3
Seamless Annealing 1 — 4 over 15 490 — 637 ---
  0,5 — 2,0 over 18   ---
Hot-pressed Annealing   over 12 430 — 650 ---
Welded Annealing 1,5 — 2,0 over 15 490 — 637 ---
OT4−0 pipe Strength (MPa) Heat treatment KCU j/cm3 Plasticity of δ%
Hot 530 — 750 Annealing --- over 10
Cold 600 — 750 Annealing --- over 12
HR 600 — 750 Annealing --- over 10


A series of alloys have relatively low strength and high propensity to hydrogen embrittlement.


Structural efficiency, erosion, corrosion resistance, ballistic resistance and other advantages of alloys series FROM make feasible their use in the production of nuclear transport power plants, ship pumps, heat exchangers, chimney systems, ship’s piping, water brakes catapult systems, vertical descent, reflectors explosive jets. Titanium pipe of these alloys are indispensable in the chemical industry, nuclear power.

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