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10X17H13M2T - 1.4571 - aisi 316Ti pipe

10X17H13M2T - 1.4571 - aisi 316Ti pipe

General characteristics

Stainless steel pipe brand 10X17H13M2T (AISI 316Ti), due to its characteristics, widely used in industrial manufacturing, construction, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, gas processing, food processing, shipbuilding industry and other fields. Heat-resistant steel grade 10H17N13M2T — is the embodiment of optimal balance of cost and quality. It contains 17% chromium, carbon, — 0.10%, and Nickel — 13% titanium — up to 0.7%, balance is iron. The purpose of alloying is to improve the heat resistance and the heat resistance of the pipes ability to withstand the effects of corrosive environments. Steel production is carried out in an open arc furnace. Pipe hot rolled at 1100 °C at the beginning of the process, and 950 °C at its completion.

The percentage composition of the alloy GOST 5632−72
Mark C Si Mo   Cr Cu Mn Ni Ti   S P Fe
10X17H13M2T ≤0,1 0,8 2−3   16−18 ≤0.3 mm ≤2 12−14 ≤0,7   0,02 0,035 the rest


Welded pipes manufactured using laser or TIG welding, have the seams, the strength ratio is equal to unity, i.e. the strength of the base material and welded seam pipe is the same.

Kinds of pipes

The pipes are manufactured in two types: profile and round. Profiled tube has a cross-sectional shape that is oval, square, oval, rectangular. Square tubes profile sections are used in mechanical engineering and metal working, manufacture of furniture. Profile welded rectangular and square shaped tubes are used in steel structures (construction and engineering). Tubes profile sections are made on the specialized equipment of seamless or welded round pipes with compression them to the required parameters in the rolls. The main advantages of square and rectangular profile tubes is:

· Ease of installation design of structures;

· The reduced mass of the metal structures, thereby and the cost of the metal;

· Increased resistance of metal in the occurrence of variable loads;

· Convenience in laying on flat surfaces it is rectangular tubing.


Pipe 10X17H13M2T is supplied in the form of:

· Random lengths of 1.5−10 meters;

· Measuring length with a maximum deviation of +15mm in length;

· Dimensional length — with an allowance for each cut to 5 mm, but not exceeding 15 mm over the entire length;

· Limited length — extreme deviation in length, amounting to 500 mm.

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