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Вр27-VP tungsten rhenium wire

Вр27-VP tungsten rhenium wire

Buy at affordable prices from the manufacturer of the wire, which is made of tungsten-rhenium alloy brand Vr-27vp offers the company AvekGlob. The supplier ensures the timely delivery of products to any address specified by the consumer.

General information about the alloy

Вр-27вп belongs to the group of refractory alloys, whose structural formula is perfectly balanced for use with control systems of modern aircraft and rocket engines, as well as for precise control of high-temperature chemical reactions in oil refineries. A characteristic feature of this alloy is the very high boiling point and the third largest melting point among the known refractory alloys. This intense heat resistance gives the material strength and stability in high-temperature applications and prevents thermal deformation of products (preferably high-precision thermocouples) during their use.

The Вp-27вп alloy can be used in a wide temperature range: from -196 ° С to 2760 ° С. The alloy is susceptible to rapid oxidation at high temperatures, therefore it is not recommended for use in oxidizing environments.

At the same time, the alloy is very stable at high temperatures in reducing or inert atmospheres, such as hydrogen, inert gases and vacuum. The cost of the alloy is relatively low in comparison with thermocouples made of precious metals.

The recommended application temperature for parts made of Bp-27pp alloy is 1600… 2100 0 C. The alloy retains good ductility at room temperature (compared to conventional tungsten) after heating to 1650 ° C and is supplied in a stabilized state. As long as the use is limited to temperatures of 1650 ° C or lower, this plasticity is maintained, and processing problems are minimized.

Company AvecGlob offers to buy at an economically favorable price from the manufacturer a wire made of the alloy Vr-27Vp. The supplier makes an operative dispatch of products to any point. installed by the client.

Composition and properties

The performance characteristics of the alloy Vr-27Vp must comply with the technical requirements of TU 48−19−272−91. The composition of the alloy includes tungsten (base) and 24… 30% rhenium.

Basic physical parameters of the alloy:

Density, kg / m 3 — 21040;

Melting point, 0 С — 3180;

Coefficient of thermal conductivity at room temperature, W / mdg — 39.6;

The coefficient of thermal expansion in the temperature range 20… 1000 0 С, μm / degree — 6,8;

Modulus of elasticity, GPa — 460.

Basic mechanical parameters of the alloy:

The limit of time resistance, MPa — 2000;

Relative elongation at a stretching,% — 1,5.

Avec Glob Company sells wire from the producer, obtained from tungsten-rhenium alloy of Vr-27vp brand at reasonable prices from the manufacturer. The supplier guarantees immediate delivery of the rental at any point agreed by the customer.