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Sheet, strip 08kh17t - 1.4520 - aisi 430Ti

Sheet, strip 08kh17t - 1.4520 - aisi 430Ti

Supplier — AvekGlob Company — offers sheet and tape made from stainless steel 08Х17Т (1.4520, steel AISI 430Ti) at reasonable prices from the manufacturer. The supplier guarantees timely delivery of metal products to any address specified by the customer.

Technical specifications

Stainless steel 08H17T refers to steels of a ferritic class, intended for subsequent plastic deformation into finished products or forgings. Usually supplied in cold rolled condition. The nearest foreign analogue is steel 1.4520, in accordance with the European standard DIN EN (alternative name — steel X2CrTi17). Compared with other stainless steels of the ferritic class, the steel in question is characterized by moderately high ductility and heat resistance. The steel is magnetic.

Urgency of application

08X17T (1.4520, AISI 430Ti steel) is a steel with an average chromium content, which can be used in many moderately aggressive environments. Due to doping with titanium, the material is highly weldable, with no tendency to intergranular corrosion. Used at elevated temperatures, for example, in the manufacture of automobile exhaust systems, induction chimney connectors, in the manufacture of auto parts.

Chemical composition

The composition of 08Х17Т steel, according to the technical requirements of GOST5632−82, includes the following elements (iron — base):

C Si Mn Ni S P Cr Ti Cu
up to 0.08 up to 0.8 up to 0.8 up to 0.6 to 0.025 up to 0.035 16 — 18 Up to 0.8 Up to 0,3

Physical and mechanical properties

Density, kg / m 3 — 7700;

Melting point, 0 C -1440;

The coefficient of thermal conductivity, in the temperature range 20… 100 0 С, W / mgrad — 20;

Specific heat capacity, J / kggrad — 480;

Modulus of elasticity, GPa — 200;

The coefficient of thermal expansion in the temperature range 20… 100 0 С, μm / deg — 10;

The limit of temporary resistance, MPa — 460;

Yield strength, MPa — 220… 260;

Hardness according to Rockwell (scale B), no more than — 70;

Relative elongation at tension,% — 27;

Technological features of processing and assortment

Stainless steel 08X13 (1.4000, AISI 410S) is available in a wide range of rolling profiles. Weldability — limited. The material is prone to temper brittleness. These steels are not recommended for use in the manufacture of structures operating under shock loads, as well as in chloride media and seawater.

Supplier — AvekGlob Company — offers to buy sheet or tape, which are made of stainless steel 08X17T (1.4520, steel AISI 430Ti) at prices formed on the basis of European and world standards of production. Buy these products can be wholesale and retail. For regular customers, there is a flexible system of discounts.