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Metal hose cone with a 74 ° angle

Metal hose cone with a 74 ° angle

Metal hose cone with a 74 ° angle

A high-pressure metal hose with reinforcing fittings with an internal thread of a cone with an angle of 74 ° ensures the most dense and accurate fit on the pipeline. The hose with the union nut making the connection consists of a stainless corrugated hose in a metal sheath, made of a diameter from 6 to 16 mm with a length of the flexible part from 250 to 6000 mm.


A blank is used in the form of a pipe made of a thin steel strip, which is corrugated by external rolling-in forming profile rings along a helical line. When manufacturing corrugation for reinforcing the carrying capacity of the hose, a helix of stainless high-strength wire is placed in the hollows.

A stainless steel hermetically sealed metal hose with RGTA type fittings is manufactured with the calculation of working pressure up to 280 atmospheres, lengths from 250 to 6000 mm, has a through diameter of the inner shell from 6 to 16.0 mm with a thickness of the starting material from 0.2 mm to 0.3 mm .


Transportation of aggressive and explosive environments in all industries. Adapting aggregates and pipelines in areas of limited access for welding operations. Temporary docking or simultaneous docking of several pipelines and units.

A metal hose with union union nut is indispensable for the quick connection of various pipelines having a small diameter. High corrosion resistance, compensation of thermal and axial expansion, absorption of vibrations and oscillations of the pipeline — ensured widespread use of such products for transporting mediums under low or high pressure.

terms of Use

  • Characteristics of the working environment: steam, water, air, gases, corrosive media, oil products,
  • Working pressure parameters: from vacuum to 210 kg / sq. Cm.
  • Temperature parameters of the working medium: -260 to + 800C.


Depends on operating conditions. It should be taken into account that the working pressure, reduced to a temperature of 20 degrees, is defined as the quotient when dividing the working pressure at the temperature of the working medium by a factor k. The length of the product required for installation work shall include the length of the neutral sections at the installation site of the fittings that are not subject to bending during operation. The service life directly depends on the number of operating cycles, with one cycle being the one-time movement of the metal hose due to vibration, thermal expansion and resetting. To perform the installation work, only a conventional tool is required to tighten the union nut. Installation is carried out taking into account the absence of large loose areas, preventing the sagging of the metal hose. The maximum distance between supports should be kept not more than 2 meters or 10… 50 DN.

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