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Bronze wire

Bronze wire


Flexibility, malleability, ductility, and exceptional tensile strength, good ductility machining. Good corrosion quality, durability, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity make such wire is the only material in many branches of modern industry.


Specifications are regulated by the following regulatory documents: 15834−77, 5222−72, 5221−77. Bronze wire high quality does not have any bundles, or non-metallic inclusions. On the surface may present slight roughness, the risks of dents. Most often bronze wire made from such alloys: tin-zinc, silicon, manganese or beryllium with the following markings: Bramc9−2; Brb2,5; Brb2; Bmhc 2,5−0,7−0,6; БрАЖНМц8,5−4-5−1,5; Brof6,5−0,4; Brh0,7; Broc4−3 and Brkmc3−1БрХЦрК.

Grade of bronze Hardness HB 10-1 t° melting point (°C) σв (MPa)
Brof6,5−0,4 70−90 MPa 995° 400−800
Broc4−3 150−170 MPa 1045° 430−880
Bramc9−2 100−120МПа 1060° 440−550
Brb2 130−150 MPa 995° 400−950

Note. The range σ (MPa) is given for soft/hard alloy.

Name Specifications Marking Wire diameter
Bronze wire 18469−106−082−2001 Broth from 1.0 to 5.0


Bronze wire as material can be: soft (easy to bend and is rolled out); rigid (high elasticity). The cross section is square or round. On purpose: is welding wire, spring loaded, General purpose.


Bronze wire, due to good electrical properties, used for the production of cable, coils and wires and for the welding of various steel structures. Of chromium brand of Brh1, produce welding electrodes for resistance welding machines. Wire with high aluminum content are characterized by light weight, specific strength, high electrical conductivity. It is no alternative for transport engineering, electrical engineering. Wire with a high content of silicon, the elastic — used for production of conventional and heavy-duty springs; with a high content of beryllium does not spark and therefore is used in a potentially explosive environment.

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