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40X13 - 1.4034 - aisi 420 pipe

40X13 - 1.4034 - aisi 420 pipe

General characteristics

40X13 steel — stainless steel is heat-resistant alloy of the martensitic class. Used in the manufacture of lightly parts that work at temperatures up to 900 °C. the composition includes chromium, 12−14% Nickel — 0.6%, manganese and silicon at 0.6%, carbon of 0.35−0.44%, the thousandths of a percent of sulfur and phosphorus, balance iron. The density of 7.76 g/cm3. 40X13 steel heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant, not prone to temper brittleness, poorly welded. Pipe 40X13 resistant to atmospheric and soil moisture. The analogue — alloy 30X13.

Procentnyy part of the brand 40H13 (GOST 5632−72)

Steel Si C Mn P Cr Ni S Fe  
40X13 ≤0,6 0,35−0,44 ≤0,6 ≤0,03 12−14 ≤0,6 ≤0,025 The rest  


Pipe production is regulated by the following GOST: 30245−2003, 10706−76, 10705−80, 380−94, 13663−86, 1050−88, 8639−82, 8642−68, 8645−68. Each of the standards specifies the individual characteristics of the product, for example, of a tube with a certain section. The temperature of the hot rolling pipe is initially 1180 °C, and at the end — of about 900 °C. When rapid heating and cooling pipes are prone to cracking, so heating step is applied, and slow cooling furnace or sand. For softening heat treatment after hot rolling is used, the annealing at t° 800 °C with cooling at 30 — 50°C/hour. Annealing is carried out at a temperature of about 1000 °C with cooling in air or in oil.

Tubes produced in various lengths. 4−12 m — dimensional length, the dimensional tube length, the length of which is estimated in the range of dimensional. For each cut made allowance for 5 mm, the longitudinal deflection of pipes shall not превышать10 mm on the entire length. Pipe on the accuracy of production can be high and normal precision. The pipes are of the following types: profile with a square section, with square and rectangular cross-sections.


Performed after heating to 250−400°C With subsequent heat treatment. Fastening of the construction elements is carried out by manual arc welding with electrodes or automatic. Further heat treatment is recommended for stress relief during welding. Welded tubes are of the following types: profile with a square cross-section, welded round, oval and rectangular cross-section,


Pipe brand 40H13 used in the petrochemical engineering, because the quality of the alloy ensure the production of products which have a long lifetime. Details of steam generators, compressors, pumps, cracking plants. Bearings, carburetor needle rods reciprocating compressors, and other parts working at slightly aggressive media up to a temperature of 450 °C. This steel is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, medical and food industry and in shipbuilding.

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